First, when you look at the picture you think you will get the sizes which they advertise. But this is the "3-month" supply!!!!

I didn't know when I ordered. Package came in and I thought I will

get 2 more in the future. When I phoned I found out that I am wrong. The lady didn't even know how the sizes are for the one month supply....They charged me first 45.95 and after that 2 times 39.95 to complete the 3 month order. In the end you pay too much for a little to go..... All what you can do is cancel, mail items back (make sure on time) and wait until they finally will pay you back the money. Just so sad that a nice women like Cindy Crawford works for

a company like that and gives her name for this sh.... but like at always is.....making money, and I think Cindy makes a lot with it.....

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