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I have tried to purchase this product 3 times in 5 years, They are either out of stock or I am put on a waiting list for a minimum of 3 months. Guess you have to be celebrity.

Cannot believe Cindy Crawford would have her name attached to this product. Customer service was HORRIBLE! When told I could not receive product for 3 months, but CC was needed to secure order, and I asked to be contacted when available, I was told CC was REQUIRED for order, rep tried to sell me a different product, upon refusal, rep hung up on me.

Good job Cindy! Way to go...Disgusting, glad for 3 strikes YOU ARE OUT, sell out...

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Trust me this product is not worth the effort you have already put in. Never let them get ahold of any of your card numbers!

I bought the product. It broke my skin out like I was a teenager in puberty. When I cancelled and sent the product back they said the never received it and continued to take money from my account and send new products. They now owe me $530 and you can't close a bank account if you are in the negative.

My banks fraud management is working on it but it has made me suffer immensely. DO NOT BUY IT!

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