Hopland, California
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More product came in the mail without my knowledge I was charged to my Visa without my permission. I hate those kind of Scams very pissed off.

I do like the product, But was under the impression I can buy as needed. When I made the purchase not one word of that. I really hate those kind of scams.

I would of kept using product if they were not rip offs. So just want to warn anyone else who were thinking they would like to try this product.  Be aware of the Scam

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Scam, Unauthorized changes, Crooks.

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It says on the checkout page that four weeks after shipping of first product you will be sent a 90 day supply at three equal installments of 40-50 dollars plus shipping. Please read the fine print before ordering next time... I ordered this myself and it is stated clearly where I could see it BEFORE I paid...


I think the best way to order the free trial and pay for shipping with a $25 Visa gift card. Then buy groceries or gas with the remainder. They can't collect on a zero balance gift card.


So very very true the same thing was done to me.After that I cancelled my card and got a different one.with a different number now who owes who Lol!!


I just ordered online and it clearly stated that it's a monthly service. You have to read all of the information if you're ordering online.

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