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Product does not help.In face after 2 months on it my skin looked horrible!

...the texture and look. So I canceled. But still had to finish paying. Had 2 payments to make.

The last one I had to make THREE times and pay to have stop payment on one because after one month it wasn't there. Magically, it arrived but they couldn't cash it because of stop payment. I sen ANOTHER payment since that didn't make it. I get a letter in the mail that my account is delinquent because after two previous tries they heard notion from me.

That's BS. Had an email conversation with someone!!! In three months tried to pay three times!!! Not only that-THEY SENT ME A CHECK FOR $64!!!!WTH?!

And they STILL haven't received my last payment after I sent it a month ago. I don't know who goes brought their mail but somehow my checks keep disappearing. Not cashed just don't make it. I used bill pay for this last time.

This is for the birds. If my credit score goes down because of this ......stuff..... I've got a lawyer friend. Will def be on contact.

This is ridiculous!!!

Not only does stuff not work, the financial dept is incompetent.Never buying from them or guthery renker ever again!!!

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Hello, Our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team would like to assist and help get this resolved. Please contact them here: http://www.meaningfulbeauty.com/lp/cet so that we can contact you directly. Thank you.

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