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I Had a very similar experience - I purchased Meaningful Beauty over the phone after watching the TV ad that leads you to believe is what the product costs $39.95. I spoke with a customer service representative who assured me that was the cost and I could cancel at any time. I did not like the product, so I called them to cancel my order and that when they inform me that they will continue to bill me each month thereafter.

Both the TV commerial and the customer service reprentatives misled me about that being a one time deal. I did not check the webpage to hunt for fine print. You would expect the customer service representative to inform you about the actual cost of a product. So now I am stuck with having to pay for a product which I do not like!!! This company is obviously not very confident of their products to have to stoop to such deceptive marketing methods.

Not a great product and disgusting marketing gimmicks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Deal.

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