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Thought this was worth posting. Somehow the serum changed color! Once they were both the same purple. Both from the same time, about 2 years ago. But if u notice the travel sized small bottle has a purple color in the plastic. I dont think the larger one does, it seems clear. So over time the purple dye wore away and whats left is this fleshy colored serum. Which to be honest is *** Then u wonder why they change it to purple? Why not leave it flesh colored? I heard talk that some skin care lines use aborted cheap fetal tissue to make that too soft soft feeling.

Estee Lauder too has had whistleblowers say its "the secret" and they too use purple bottles to hide flesh colored products! They know the dyes resettle and dont age well so they color the bottles.

I stopped using meaningful beauty a year or two ago when i saw my skin looked scaley. (I had my boyfriend cancel it for me TG no issue.) But from the ingredients list if u do some basic research youll see why. Its designed to dry ur skin from the inside out so u keep thinking u need it but only makes u drier aka worse. I was out of my normal product and my package still didnt come so for 1 day I used that dna helix serem I have left. Well I got sick right after until I washed my face! I went to grab the other bottles I also saved to throw away and saw this color discrepancy and had to post it. Its *** The stuff even smells like newborns! I'm sorry but everything I have heard about the aborted fetal tissue industry & why they use it (that way too soft texture) points to meaningful beauty and the way they operate. Its obv more than making money or theyd simply put out a product that worked. Seems more like they wanna slime as many as they can in their gross baby tissue scam!

Make up your own mind. In my opinion, this company IS evil. So would it really surprise u to learn the owners laughed at you putting aborted fetal tissue on your poor face to try to look younger while it actually has antifreezing (drying) agents in it too!? Then they scam u and make u pay for this poison so hopefully youre too shamed to cancel and keep using it or give away while they rake in the money. Cindy probably drinks baby blood every morning! So no she has no problem letting gullible Christians (fact - most women 35+ in USA are) smear dead babies on themselves daily! If u wanna just laugh fine ur right theres no evil ppl running companies getting away w evil scams, I must be CRAZY. Or wait, is the crazy factor in fact HOW they get away w it? Usually the case w evil. It sounds so bad no one thinks its possible so they keep it going! They would have the biggest mafia in the world protecting them so its not surprising if you know how the world really works. My two sense. Before u judge, do some research into the matter. Good luck, its not easy. Obv info is suppressed. Follow the money from PP. Undercover videos. Proof is out there. Use coconut oil or something natural. Not this. Anyone saying it works great must be paid or working for the company or not looking at their skin closely before they put the product on. Have scales you didnt before? Thank Cindy & MB obv evil af CEO.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Serum.

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They are making the product smaller so we can order more. My bottle are the same color light your. I look like a monster

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