Used this so called miracle (for 2 days) and in that short time priod my face looked like I had chicken pox. Called customer service and a refund was surrendered, but this is the worst product I've ever used and the rash took almost a month to clear but left dark patches on my face; cheeks mostly.

Please if you read this and you've encountered similar problems please write a review and hopefully at some point we can get a class action law suit against this lie for profit company!

maybe something will be done but if not , if women seek and find our reviews it will at least slow down or stop the sale of this bogus product. You'll know very quickly that something is going wrong ; first Rx felt a slight tingle ( *** me thought that was the product working) next day noticed some patches thought that was just dry skin until the second morning and face was itching so much I had to wash it with oatmeal which was very soothing so please do not purchase this product and if you do BEWARE!

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I just used this for the first time last night and today horrible rash on face,red and swollen like poison Ivy!!!! This is crazy!!


I had the same thing happen as well. Rash and my face burns.


Yes I also got a terrible rash on my face and cheeks after using this product. Large red welts and a burning sensation. Took weeks to clear and made me Leary of using new skincare products


I had the same reaction and filed an insurance claim with them which they just denied. It took more than a month for the welts, rashes to ho away. It was very painful


I bought the line and used it now I’ve had a rash on the apple of one cheek for over a year that I can’t get rid of ...help!!!


I ordered in January 2018 and just tried once.

I got red patches on my forehead , cheeks and sides of my face.

They are refunding but would never recommend.

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I have to agree with you. Meaningful Beauty is not anything like they are promoting.Its sticky shiny stinging and ultimately drying my skin out. This is an expensive mess of products that did nothing good for my face and in fact took me away from my skin products that do.


Same thing. My face and neck are on fire and bright red with welts


My face and neck are the same. It feels hot and its my skin is burning.


I had great results with the glowing serum and those little capsule things.. Really felt like they made a difference on my skin!!

But the cleanser did NOT leave my face feeling clean and the spf day lotion felt sticky and made me break out really bad.

My mom was the opposite.

She had a reaction to anything with the melon extract in it...glowing serum, dcolletage cream, etc. and thinks she might be allergic to the melon or something :/


Day three one of the products has irritated my eyes so bad its been hours and they still sting. Sent this *** back. Don't know how that's going to go but sounds like I'll have to cancel my credit card as well.


I was given this by my mom,when i put on the daily face cream with the sun screen in it my eyes burned and hurt so bad i had to pull my car off the road,i couldnt see to drive,i tried it again a few days later and the same thing happened,so that went in the trash. Then i tried the neck and chest cream, i am so broke out with a aweful rash it itches and is some what painful ,swollen and looks like someone poured boiling water on me,.this product is terrible it needs to be removed from the market before someone is hurt really bad.Sham on you cindy for selling this *** to everyday people that try to do something good for them selfs with the little bit of money they have.


I ordered they took payment out of my account but never received the product

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