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I, after seeing the infomercial on this product a number of times, figured that it would be a good gift for my girlfriend since she is always looking for a good skin care product. You'd think Cindy Crawford is pretty reputable, *** she's friggin gorgeous still after all these years, so what the heck, let's give it a try.

I knew that the first shipment was for a 30 day supply and there would be automatic shipments of 90 day supply where I would be charged an additional $40/month to cover the costs of the new shipments. I was okay with that (as long as the product works, its worth it right?) What I didn't agree with originally was taking on an additional serum at the cost of $69 to go with my first 30 day shipment. I was then informed that the serum was actually available for this first order at just an additional $6 where I would be saving over $100 on the total pkg value. "Just simply call and cancel during the first 30 days" is what they tell you to avoid any further charges.

Luckily I wrote it all down as I was talking to this sales rep and I asked for the phone number while I was on the phone with him and he tried to tell me that "Oh I will include the phone number in the confirmation email that you will receive." Well it wasn't in the email. I didn't pay it much mind since I already had it written down. After receiving the shipment and my girl is using the product for several weeks, she says she doesn't notice much difference. I did though, I noticed that her skin was looking smoother and she seemed to glow a bit.

However, she didn't want to get it anymore so I agreed to cancel the account and any further shipments. After contacting them to cancel, they of course try to offer reconfiguring options of my pkg for different products. After getting pass that little hurdle, I am then informed that I have a remaining balance...whats strange is the rep I was talking to originally stated I owed an additional 90 something dollars. Keeping calm, I almost flipped the *** out on him.

I calmly, but with heightened clarity in my voice, explained to him that I was not about to be charged additional monies for this product because of what the commercial stated and that's what I agreed with when I place the order. While he was doing his best to try and make me understand why I all of a sudden owed them extra money, he somehow came up with a new and lower total that I owed; going from 90 something to 46 dollars. He tells me their system shows they sent me a 90 day supply and that's why there is a remaining balance. "That's not my fault" is my response and I asked for management.

A female then gets on and tries to sound like she is in charge and apologizes for the misunderstanding, (probably reading from the script provided to them) but she says "what I will do is cancel the account and clear it so you don't owe us anything". I clarified with her that I don't owe that additional money and she agreed with yes. After concluding the phone call and exchanging pleasantries, I then proceeded to check my credit card account because it just seemed to easy; especially when she didn't put up at least a small fight for that money. After all, its not like I am a long-time valued customer with them, what do they care as long as they get their money right?

So that made me suspect something in the milk wasn't clean. And sure enough, there it was! A pending charge to my card for $46. This prompted me to immediately contact my CC services to dispute it, in which they kindly unauthorized that charge for me.

I am going out on a limb and suspecting that while I was on the phone with the manager, she was charging the acct and after that charge was placed, of course there is a zero balance now, so she would have been telling the truth on that part, but the scandalous part is she didn't tell me she charged the acct to get to that zero balance. Crooked people I tell ya. I don't know if Cindy Crawford is aware of their practices, but one would have to assume she does. If so, shame on her.

If this is what she needs to do to get paid, then her beauty is not as valuable as we think it is.

This product may work for some and maybe not for others. No matter the case, its the company's business practice that is totally unsatisfactory and only benefits them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty is a rip off!

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