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Expiration Date

My Creme Serum has a mildew smell to it??The code on the bottom is T3197A.

I can’t use it because of the horrible smell!

How can I tell when it expired?Thank you!


How do I cancel

Want to cancel my orders please.


I want to cancel my auto ship


How do I cancel from this company? I have called about six different numbers and the recordings all say the same, "we are experincing technical difficulty.

Can you please help me?


It's a scam!!They have FRAUDULENTLY charged my credit card $214.77 for one shipment of Meaningful Beauty but I was supposed to be charged $49.95 as advertised on television.

I have attempted to contact them on six different occasions but have had no response nor have I received my credit!

As of today's date they owe me $164.82 and they are completely ignoring my emails and I did speak to a customer service representative back in August and was promised that I would not be charged any additional charges but he was wrong because they have charged me $54.94 each month after that.I posted a review on their website but it was immediately removed within one minute of me posting it


Best way is to cancel your bank account


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