I ordered meaningful beauty two weeks ago.I noticed my face was very red after every application,I thought my skin was adjusting. Three days ago i started breaking out first my upper chest then my neck then up the sides and my earlopes swelled to twice there size.

the burning and prickly heat and itch kept me up for two nights. I then woke exhausted and feverish. went to the ER yesturday (sunday) had already dicontinued use not that i suspected the product yet. they put me on anti biotics for five days and cortisone cream.

It is monday and im looking in to meaningful beauty and am very surprised and dissapointed in americas sweetie cindy crawford, my chest neck and face are disgusting right now. this stuff burned my skin and the dr said that as it worked its way to my layers of skin it damaged and irritated to the point of infection in about 9 days. Missing work today.


Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Store Location: Concord, California

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