I see the infomoercial for Meaningful Beauty several times a day. First of all, how can they say "order in a certain timeframe for a special price" when they keep showing the same *** thing.

As for the melon, anyone who lives in the South of France can get the melon. I am sure it is not under lock and key. I get compliments on how good my skin looks, and I am pushing 50. I do not and will not use this.

I use three products every morning and every night St ives scrub, toner and moisturizer. That is it. A lot cheaper, and I buy it on my terms when I need it. Everyone can save themselves the hassles and money and just do what I do.

Diet helps too. Hope this helps.

Reason of review: use my own products.

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Funny, Why are the nay-sayers always anonymous??? TY for your opinion...


That sounds like a horrible skincare routine for 50.

Where's the oils, serums or eye cream? Your mature skin doesn't absorb the oils properly, so I'm sure moisturizer alone won't work and they don't penetrate the skin like an eye cream would (for the eye area)


So did you try meaningful beauty?

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