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I'm not surprised...thankfully I've never ordered meaningless beauty. Any skin care line that states it retails for over 200.00 bucks but you can pick it up "through this one time TV offer only" of .99 cents"...there's a problem.

Besides...all one has to do is Google images of Cindy Crawford over the past 10 years ( when she isn't cast in the perfect lighting with tons of make up on ) and you will discover that this women is a total fraud. First of all...who does she think she's kidding, she's clearly had cosmetic surgery and a lot of it ( starting to take on that weird plastic appearance...

I'm just say'in). According to her infomercials she met some skin care doctor/guru ( a French Dude...well of course he's French...I don't care what your say it in French and it just sounds better) back when she was 28 and it is this relationship between the two that explains "completely" why she looks so young and radiant "Please" this Multi, Multi millionaire, who has access to the best money can afford, is using this ridiculous, cheap skin care line, I am sorry to hear so many have had problems with this fraudulent company...I suppose its a bit of a cautionary tale...If its an infomercial and the stars are just a bunch of washed up-out of work Hollywood Haz-bins then maybe its not a good idea to sign up...sorry Valerie...on the other hand, for those looking for a decent skin care line at a realistic ( but still affordable ) price I recommend a line called Serious Skin Care ( and no, I am in no way affiliated with the company ) but I have used there products for over 10 years now and love them ( I'm 48 and "Besides the beauty part" I look better than she does for a fraction of the cost....and "BONUS"...I don't look like one of the wax figures in those *** Paris Hilton movies...yeah..).Post Note: I was just about to hit submit when I noticed that both proactive and chaz dean ( I think he's the guy who sells that wen shampoo)are also part the Kathy something or other company along with meaningless beauty...What a shocker...that chaz is weird guy...I wouldn't use that shampoo if my life depended on it...I've read peoples hair has fallen out and "no surprise" you have to sign up for auto can then "gladly pay them Tuesday for bottle of "Whimpy shampoo that arrives 2 months late ( inside joke for those over 40ish ) and that proactive is a joke...I purchased for my son when he was going through the typicall teenage acne stage...all it did was burn his then he had red, raw skin and pimples...jeeez

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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