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I thought the same thing when I opened my starter sample package. I paid $39.99 for 5 sample size items plus two free gifts.

If you do the math , however, that is only about $5 per item. Not bad. The ingredients seem very quality. The product lasted me much longer than a month.

Therefore I was not a candidate for their auto ship. And a few of the creams did sting my sensitive eyes. Most importantly, you must establish that if you are buying the $39.95 intro kit with sample size, they are going to be mini versions of the regular size and regular sized products. Your post did not mention if this is what you had paid for.

But your photo seemed to indicate it was the introductory sample size.

One complaint I do have is the amount of time it did take of me sending back these AUTO ship deliveries, before the company got it straight that I was cancelling my order. Phone calls to explain never got through to a live person. Oddly enough, when returning the second unopened box to the Post Office, the clerk told me they get the same complaint all the time AFTER the customer has cancelled, the boxes continue to just roll in. Sadly, charging on your credit card for each delivery.

I like Cindy Crawford and I believe this is a good product. Cindy would not be involved in anything that was not satisfactory. I think the retail sticker price comes as a shock when you realize you cannot continue to enjoy the same items for the same intro price or size as you first enjoyed.

I would have loved to stay as a customer if I thought I could order my $39.95 intro box of 7 sample size items AS NEEDED. But I believe that is not how it works with them.

Review about: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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Did you read the ingredients of the product? It mentions that the product should not be swallowed.

May be poisonous. If swallowed call Poison Control?!? And we are putting that on our FACE?!?!?!

I liked Cindy Crawford too but if she "really does use the same product" she is putting poison on her face. somehow hard to believe!!!

Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States #883624

Had same problem. consumers have to stick together....

i tried a new company, products that really work, good customer service, and my cousin just spoke with them and told me they are having a secret sale and she saved even more!!

Call them 646.350.8100 and they did call all of us right back when we received their service. Enjoy and turn us on to any great companies.

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