I was a 50 year old woman at the time when I ordered Meaningful Beauty - saw the infomercials and I was sold! I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of this *** (that we didn't have) and followed the instructions to a "T".

according to the infomercials you were supposed to see results within 30 days. I just wanted better, smoother looking skin, not turn back the clock. This *** made me break out (in pimples!), reddened my face and not one fine line disappeared, let alone the larger smile and frown lines. I even took up close pics of before and after - NOTHING!

DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF - IT DOESN'T WORK! I used this product for almost a year and it was a complete waste of money. THANKS A LOT CINDY CRAWFORD - YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FRAUD! YOU ARE A GREEDY LEECH!

I used to be a big fan of hers, but not anymore. I am so disappointed that you, Cindy Crawford, feed off the vulnerable public for what? More Money? Don't you have enough?

You know what I live in?? I am a very poor woman, and this was a present from my husband - a disabled vet with a total income of $980.00 a month.

Stress causes lines, I know that, and I just wanted to look a little better. Please people - don't buy this - don't waste your money, she isn't an honest person.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

Store Location: Billings, Montana

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MEANINGFUL BEAUTY SUCKS *** biggest scam ive ever partaken in. Not one fine line reduced just clogged pores.


Before ordering Meaningful Beauty products, make sure you ask how much will they bill you for the your next shipment. They are advertising just $39.00 for the introductory package.

They did not tell you that they will charge you every month for $ 39.00 for 3 months for your next shipment. So, the total for your next shipment will be $120.00 total. I hate it that the trick their customer like that. The products are ok- good.

I still think they are scams in what I mentioned earlier. Be careful!

It's sad! :(


Meaningful Beauty is a F**!!ing scam. I must have been drunk when I decided to order.

Their stuff was as good a a publix brand. So I called and canceled. They stopped shipping stuff and didn't charge my card, but then I started getting bills in the mail from them. I threw some away, others I wrote on "this was canceled, stop sending me bills" and sent them back.

I get home yesterday and those F*&CKERS sent me to collections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You have got to be kidding me. Cindy Crawford should go to jail for representing a company that rips people off then wants to ruin their credit score because their product is ***


I'm just curious, if you didn't like it why did you keep accepting it month after month for a year?


to CindyFan...it's not the bad genes and skin that you have to blame for it not working on certain people...instead it's the fact that some people have good genes like Cindy Crawford and without this product would still have good skin. In that case it's the fact that people were lied to, whether intentional or unintentional.

In an experiment there is always a control (in this case the use of no product) Cindy might swear this product worked for her but where's the control? In all honesty I believe she would have looked the same without using this product as she just has good genes.

Just use regular moisturizer twice a day and you'll see results...nothing miraculous people but it's the cheapest route to go...I've been doing so since I was 20 (I'm 30 now) and everyone raves about my skin and can't believe I'm 30! I'd say they're a bunch of liars but after the 100th person tells you the same thing you start to actually believe that it just might be true...also the studies about using moisturizer say it keeps your skin younger longer so using it can't be all that bad!


I just want to say that I was a loyal customer of Meaningful Beauty and saw NAKED EYE VISUAL RESULTS within a short period of time. It WORKS LADIES!!

As a once ago makeup artist I was often asked what products I used. I NEVER felt guilty or hesitant in any fashion advising my clients to use All Meaningful Beauty Products! I LOVE THE RESULTS! It isn't expensive if you do the math and try to replace the products you receive at the make~up counters or with ANY Drugstore products.

NO COMPARISION!. Clearly it states that a monthly charge of $39.00 a month after your first shipment. If you didn't ask appropriate questions about charges that would occur after your first initial order it did state, that you would be charged the $39.00 monthly fee. Meaning...that the initial order should last you at least a month then your "Automatic Shipments sfhould start and then your products should begin to ship every three months lasting you the entire three months atop the $39.00 MONTHLY FEE!!

I am a ghost face to all of you and vice versa. The reason I'm taking time out of my day to comment because I was shocked to see any negative comments. I am very aware that our body chemistry seriously defers as individuals but without allowing your skin to go through the transition of at least three months you may or may not have noticed the same affects as say I did or the next person may have or haven't which could be results of the different layers of damage done to that Individual's particular skintype, texture, damage, prior care techniques and climate. Let me finish by saying this, I have been without Meaningful Beauty since October of 2005 due to an illness resulting in lack of available funds to continue with maintaining my skin with these wonderful products and MEANINGFUL BEAUTY and I'm just now able to start purchasing MEANINGFUL BEAUTY ONCE AGAIN!!!

If I was asked what I missed during my down time these last 7 years...Meaningful Beauty is Absolutlyon that list and I'd feel bad not telling you all my story so you wouldnt miss out on such great skincare products!!!! You might rethink your descions to cancel. Maybe I'll do a before and after photo. I'm SO EXCITED TO SEE MY NEW RESULTS!!!

I'm 42 years old now and still get carded. This seven years has been rough on my body and mind.

Ready & ANXIOUS FOR THE RESULTS I'M SURE TO SEE!! Wishing you all happiness!!


:grin sorry y'alls skin sucks and bad genes blame your parents not meaningful beauty!!!!!!


@vhoflin - While I feel your pain in paying for a health/beauty product that didn't do what you expected it to, I find that all too often people forget that we're all different. Not everybody will experience the same results from a product because we all have different body chemistries.

Food you eat, sun exposure, environmental exposure in your area, and genetics all affect how well your body will react to a product. Years ago I bought an azuki bean facial scrub from the Body Shop on a friend's recommendation. It burned while I used it and my skin had bright red blotches for the better part of a week. My friend's skin was smooth and clear.

The same goes for Meaningful Beauty. I have 2 friends who use it, which is why I'm checking it out, and they have noticeable positive results. Cindy Crawford did not formulate the product, but rather is their spokeperson because of how well it works for her.

She isn't a liar. She just has different chemistry and is fortunate enough to reap the benefits of the product.


As stated above - it was a gift (he saved up for it). He is VA disability, too.

I am not class envy (that was really weird to say) you don't know my history and I don't know yours. Maybe you will have better luck - it didn't work for me. I am angry that they get someone I used to admire to push ***. I honestly believed her.

And no - it's none of your business but I am a dyed in the wool Republican and a vet as well - hence being poor. It was a real luxury for me and an anniversary present. I wanted to try it. I couldn’t get any of my money back, either.

Which made me even angrier and Cindy Crawford is the spokeperson and should stand up for the wrongness of it all, but she didn't do the right thing. Good luck once again.


The company, not the actress is the culprit here. I intend to try it myself but through pay pal so I don't have to keep buying it if I don't like it and guess what.

I am a 65 year old woman on SS and my husbands VA disability so don't go there. Why did you use it for a year if you didn't like it to start with? Sorry reality police, but no theraphy on the net LOL. And whoever she voted for is not relevant.

Both sides are equally *** so let's stick to the subject okay? :p


"You know what I live in?? I am a very poor woman, and this was a present from my husband - a disabled vet with a total income of $980".00 a month" Um, so why buy it in the first place?

You seem to have some class envy and have an issue with people with money. Vote Obama last time??



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