Well today I saw a commercial for it and ordered it. I then read these reviews and called back to cancel my order only 15 minutes later, the woman said I wasn't in the system I would have to wait 2 days to cancel.

I called back once more and got the same response. I then a few hours later checked my credit card and saw they had charged me! I called back and the woman said I WAS in fact in the system but that I had placed the order THREE days prior and therefor it was being shipped and couldn't be cancelled. When I explained to her that I had ordered it this morning and it was impossible that I had ordered it Friday she said oh well there are TWO different orders showing now that ur being charged for!!

They told me that all I could do was send the package back once i received it. I fought with around 10 people including supervisors and they all just threw their hands in the air and said well it says you ordered it three days ago you'll just have to send it back.

When i asked for them to find the phone calls to see that i did indeed order this morning the woman told me that would be close to impossible and LAUGHED at me and said that they were not MY phone calls and I could get a lawyer if I wanted them. I have never written a review online before but this was the worstttttttt experience I have ever encountered in my life and I feel people should be aware of these outrageous antics!!

Monetary Loss: $46.

Store Location: Wilmington, Delaware

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I ordered the products for my mom, with the expectation that I was only going to be charged $39.95 or I believe even less for a number of products when they had a promotion with the infomercial. However, once we received the package there were no promotional prices applied.

I was charged over $100 plus taxes. Even then I figured well okay, I'll let my mom try the products and if she likes it we'll go from there. BUT right after the first use, she experienced an allergic reaction to it and we returned the products.

Luckily enough, they did return the money back onto the credit card. Besides, Cindy uses botox anyways, so her whole story how she uses the products to stay young is bs.


I always check reviews... but I dont buy from in fomercials.

I see them flipping channels. I don't trust giving strangers my card numbers.


Terrible customer service. I cancelled my account early January; I called three times; emailed 4 times; and they still processed a shipment. I need to now cancel my VISA number so they cannot continue with this scam.


Short and sweet due to all the "BS - button pushers"

Great product, wife does look younger and firmer. Not worth the $ for the headaches you have to put up with regarding customer service. There are many other products available that have a good product and real service.


I also bought it and tried to cancel it without any results. They would say… the don't have system, they can not hear me to call back, etc.

Then they say I owe them money… WHAT??? They have been charging me to my credit card!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! it is not good and it is a SCAM!!!

I am still trying to cancel it and they keep sending me product I DID NOT order !!!

ANd besides that I sent them back without any refunds!!!!


I'm afraid I fell for the ad yesterday and ordered it. I should have read the reviews before I ordered - my big mistake. When it comes, it is going right back.


I understand your frustration in trying to cancel your order with a second party shipper. But how does this reflect on the skin care products?

I'm looking up reviews on how her products work-products your reviewing as rap but yet never tried. So I'm having to sort through *** reviews to find out about this product. Reviews I'm doin BEFORE I choose to buy. It's is only your fault for not doing before you ordered.

So plead save the anger for yourself. You are protected with crarge back options from your credit card company so there was no reason to spend all that time fighting on the phone.

Refuse the package and call your CC company. Either your review is bogus or your just an uneducated buyer.


ladies-u must be naive to believe the tv ads-she is air brushed and has had cosmetic procedures (and has admitted it), she has a professional makeup & hair person get her ready for tv. Nothing over the counter is going to do an age reversal. Save your money and dignity.


Ordered the products off a info commercial, highly love Cindy Crawford n trusted her.So placed order, cust service never just sells you what you want. So i purchased the special received my products ecstatic love the products waited for second shipment charged my credit card ok.

Never received my order. Now seen my credit card charged again third time so I call n inquire never recieved my second order n that theycharged my card different amount for third shipment.

I asked for Refund stip chargibg my account they said in regard that they apologize they will send me an affadavit out. NOT SATISFIED WITH MY RUN AROUND CALL.


I ordered a Meaningful Beauty kit for my daughter and me. What is so wonderful about Cindy's company is that these products keep appearing at ones doorstep without asking.

Who cares if you really like need, or want the product, may be allergic to it etc...,I must not have read the fine print so cleverly disquised when I first ordered to know that I was agreeing to these automatic shipments and billings.

And it costs $10.14 to return the boxes of stuff to Iowa via the post office. Shoulda known, silly me.


What a scam. I am not sure if the product is good or bad, but they send

a 90 day supply and not 30 as advertised and it cost $8.25 to mail it back.

They are absolute cheats.

I am contacting the BBB on this one. :(


To Sgreco: Cindy Crawford might have great genetics, but she seems to have an even better plastic surgeon or Botox provider! I'd seen photos of her a few years back (around the time she was supposedly already using these miracle products), and she looked pretty much what you would expect at her age when you don't have someone airbrushing every photo.

Even if these products work miracles, I doubt they would be able to plump up her cheeks to more prominence compared to when she was in her 20s--or keep her eyes from crinkling at the corners when she smiles. Those are results from fillers & toxins that paralyze muscles.

These products could very well plump & smooth the skin.

But I think Ms. Crawford should be more truthful about how she really keeps "aging" at bay!


If you're still considering this cream based on an infomercial, let me put a few things forward for you to consider. They show a "regular" melon beside Dr Sebagh's "special" melon.

What you're watching happen is one melon DECOMPOSING -not aging! Bacteria breaks down the fruit and you see it decompose; that has not one thing to do with aging. Also, notice the other women's before photos show them with no makeup, and after they've been heavily made up by professional artists.

Cyndi herself? She has excellent DNA ...something no cream can give you.


You probably work for meaningful beauty all these people wouldn't be on here bad mouthing this product. Perhaps you guys need to deliver better customer service, and more product for what there paying. Just saying!


She uses a second party shipper! The same people who ship out proactive and other infomercial products.

Stick to reviewing the product only please! Geeezzz


It's just too easy to scam people with this type of product. In this case an extract from "rare" melon, only growing in the south of France. Would be a major hassle to validate....IMO


Same thing happened to me. I sent the shipment back and they told me it was over the time limit which is was not.

They never contacted me about this. They kept sending bills, and I spoke to them time and time again. They never stated anything about the shipment being returned. Instead of returning the shipment they preceeded to bill me for items they new I did not have.

They even turn me over to their Psudo bill collection agency NSA.

Please do not get this product if you think you will not like it. They make it next to impossible to return any thing because the next shipment is always in the "mail." Well, GR and Meaningless Beauty, so is my check.







IWWII agree visa gift cards safer my butt from the deadseabeautykit scam :p


I had almost the same problem however, I ordered the product on auto ship and was told I could cancel it at anytime and return the product for a full refund. I did not like the product.

I thought it was junk! I called and cancelled my auto ship , returned the UNOPENED package using THEIR return label and to be safe took it to a UPS store so that I would have aa tracking number. They continue to bill me and are saying that I never returned the package even though UPS has proof it was signed for at their facility! They tried to tell me there was no such tracking number on the UPS website nor was that their address!

This has to be one of the biggest scams!

I am reporting them to the Office of Consumer Affairs and filing a claim against them for theft, false advertising, and unfair credit reporting . We'll see who is laughing then!

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