Whitehouse, Texas
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I ordered my wife Meaningful Beauty cosmetics as a Christmas gift (2011). Unknown to me more stuff started

coming and I kept getting billed to my credit card. This was all undisclosed. My last call said that the

order they sent was in three payments. This is the most deceptive company in business today. Do not

buy anything from them, they are crooks. No help from customer service, no advance notice of charging

your credit card, no notice of the three payments when you cancel. Terrible people. aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa

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This company does not abide by it's promises. Poor customer relations, refusing to credit me for shipping charges, even though I was told that would be done.

I cancelled my order, was also sent vitamins I did not order.

Do not order from this outfit. They only try to suck you in to keep charging your account and then it takes 50 phone calls to get any sort of result.

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