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All I hear y'all do is complain about the money Beauty cost money and the product is well worth it because Revlon cost $30 for one product you need three products for your full whole face which would be 90 to $100 anyways and they bill you because they figured you're going to use it for the rest of your life with you honestly do need it unless you find something completely better and natural just deal with the customer service no business is perfect if you don't like the first lady you called hang up and call again ask to speak to a manager and communicate properly within asked all the questions you need they will answer the customer service is not the problem I get people can get frustrated but be patient we are all brothers and sisters so far there has been very little complaints about the product itself so I'd say it's worth the money

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There are 815 complaints about MB on this site alone - either you work for MB or you're just not very smart .


Actually, it's well over a thousand complaints -

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