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I have a complaint about who this company has as a spokeswoman by the name of Debra Messenger. She ranted and raved on social media about President Donald Trump as did a whole lot of those Hollywood Actors and Actresses.

She seems to think that she can do whatever she thinks and want's to say and do in the world of social media and the President of the USA abuses it, calling him all ugly disrespectful things, and she didn't even make any sense at all, she received a multitude of negative comments back from us real people in the world that matter, no matter what she thinks. She voted for her dear little Hillary Clinton and lost. She can't even take loosing gracefully just like that killing, thieving, selling information about OUR GOVERNMENT Democratic Nominee Hillary. I commented to her that "you made no sense at all in your post, you made a full of yourself, and I will never watch another thing you act in as long as I live.

" it might not be word for word but it was along those lines, now I've been wondering what she has been acting in or doing with her poor excuse of a career and this morning I see. Absolutely nothing she had to step down out of her pink cloud she was riding, which was on the skirt tales of good actors and actresses and beg ya'll for a commercial spot. I think you should look into the actresses that you choose or using at this time and use woman who have pride and self respect and care about other women in this Great US of A, that we get to live in because I AM AN AMERICAN BORN AND RAISED AND MY FELLOW AMERICANS LIKE ME WE HAVE THE TRUE RIGHT TO BE HERE IN OUR COUNTRY AND TO PROTECT HER FROM ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC. SO YES I STAND WITH PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP AND SAY " GOD BLESS "MY" USA.

So if you're company chooses to hire women against women then shame on you I think I'll boycott you. Cathy Ann Patrick Texas born and raised too.

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What does your *** rant about Debra Messing exercising her right to free speech have to do with reviewing the product?

You voted for a treasonous, corrupt, narcissistic, mentally ill buffoon and having only a double digit IQ either can't see that, or can't admit you're a ***.


You're a *** ***. This is where reviews for the PRODUCT are posted.

Either you never went to grammar school or you need to take more English classes in Moscow before you troll.

'Debra Messenger'?! Hahaa


So did you like the product? Just curious. By the way her name is Debra Messing not Messenger.




Your post is both nonsensical and totally misplaced in this forum. I hope that the rest of the world realizes that we are not all like you - ignorant hatemongers. I am embarrassed for you and am embarrassed by you.


What the heck does your rant have to do with this product ?? Take your political views to another media where people may care what you have to say


And all I need was a review about this skin cream that I saw getting advertised on tv!


God, you're an ***. That's not even her name! I'm ashamed to live in the same state with you.


Wow. You know this has ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE to ANYONE coming to this site to find out about the actual PRODUCT.

Also, Messenger WAS NOT PROMOTING THIS PRODUCT when said comments were made. In addition, this is AMERICA. We have a Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech and expression. This is what both you AND Ms.

Messenger have the freedom to do. SHE did hers in an APPROPRIATE FORUM. This, however, is the WRONG PLACE FOR POLITICS. But, since you already opened the door, here is MY opinion.

You are so misinformed about YOUR PRESIDENT that it is SAD. Do some research. It would appear that you know NOTHING about Trump outside of "immigrants" and "the wall". WAKE UP!!

I suspect you might when he does something that HURTS YOU, PERSONALLY. That will most likely happen when he raises YOUR taxes so that MILLION- and BILLIONAIRES can enjoy enormous tax cuts. You, like most of his supporters--and HIM--are politically naive. He wasn't even aware that Australia was our ally.

I could go on and on, but I won't, except to say this-- YOU need to understand that he doesn't give a *** about you or the people of this country AT ALL, nor is he really interested in "Making America Great". Empty campaign promises. Like his OWNER, Robert Murdock, the rest of the GOP and the Democrats-- the ONLY thing he cares about (and you can hear/see him say this if you do a simple web search) is MONEY. PROFIT.

Not US. You'll find out soon enough--that is, unless you're actually as ignorant as your "review" implies...


???? Why??????

I thought this is about a product..

if you were so concerned about Trump or America then you should've ran for Presidency...

now back to the product....please for the love of God

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