Meaningful Beauty is running an infomercial using Cindy Crawford. Claiming that Cindy uses there products and that's why she still looks so young. Cindy has had work done on her face and has regular colonics that remove toxins from body. That gives a youthful appearance.

I was lead to believe that for a slashed price of $29.95 I would get a kit featuring all the products shown plus 2 free items. When I called to order, the rep said she would send me my first 6 kits. So I thought that would be 6 X $29.95 My first kit came by itself and I was charged for 6 kits at $ 109.95

When I called to inquire the rep said I updated my kit and that the one kit had all the products in it and costed $109.95! I would not have purchased one kit at that high price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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This company sets the hook and reels in the money. Despite the fact that I returned the product as instructed they have refused to return/refund $188 to my account. When you call they give you the run-around, are rude,and flat out say something to the effect of TOO BAD, SO SAD!!!

I am going to follow up with the BBB.They are a highly unethical enterprise.


:( :( :(


Ladies and Gents, I can not thank you enough for sharing,

Your horror stories, I wonder if Cindy knows of these scams?

I was trying to order with in the 9 mins, to get the ects perks, my gut said "Google", here I am , right on I'll go with Ebay, good luck!


does menaingful beauty helps with breakouts?


Horrible Customer Service.

Purchased the big "promotional"price of $29.95 and returned the product the next week.

My shipment tracking record said that it was recieved by them the next day May 5. At that point $135 was already charged to my Visa card.

I was sent product for a 3 month supply. Then I was informed that a credit for only $90.00 was issued to me on May 18. She assured me no further payments would be taken from my credit card. Now June 5, still no credit to my visa and they have now taken out another $46.95 payment on May 31.

So now I have been told I can't do anything about it until they are allowed a 6 week timeline to issue the credit. Wow, never again!!


I did have breakouts with this product. Also feel customers should know this is 39.95 and the second month you get a shipment you will be billed 3 more times at 39.95 plus 8.99 shipping.

I did not expect shipments to be other than 1 month supply at a time and I was out of town and didn't use it right away the 60 days left me stuck with a product that that cause yellow topped pimples.


I notice that there are a few people on here that like Meaningful Beauty. That's fine!!

Enjoy, but the issue is the "Money Back" I am on my second call with them tring to get money back from an order I did not even place. I tried to tell them NO!

I do not want this and I was disconcted and they CHARGED MY CARD and PROCESSED the order.. That is NOT cool.


:grin I love it, even though I think I get charged a bit more than I agreed to-however I never have enough day cream to last! Been using it for a year now! :p


can you use meaningful beauty over the proactiv in the morning?


I just ordered this product & am hoping 4 the best. I once got a sample of an under eye cream from a dept.

store. Unfortanatly, the lady didn't write down the name of thr product. It's like prince charming trying 2 find a perfect fit 4 the glass shoe n a kingdom of women. It's been 4 yrs & wish I could find a product that even comes close?

I'll keep u posted on this supposive"miricle called, meaningful beauty" ? I don't need a miricle(although would b nice) just a good product!


I was also mislead on the product that I was going to receive and how much money they were going to be charging me. I do like the product but I got sucked into a shipment schedule and they kept charging my card and not sending me anything else!

They also had the audasity to charge my cc WITHOUT PERMISSION close to a $100 for a huge box of vitamins THAT I NEVER ORDERED! I am STILL trying to get this taken care of! I have talked to over 5 people now and they all asure me that the money will go back on my card and so far nothing! And they also keep telling me they will send out a shipping sticker to send the vits back and for over a month now they all say its on its way!

WHATEVER! I have paid now close to $500 FOR just a one month supply of this stuff! Like I said, I got huge results! HUGE!

My face never looked better! But I will never order from them again, been buyin off ebay and Amazon, its cheaper there too! LOL But dont order from Gunthy Renker! EVER!

EVen that Chaz Dean hair shampoo! I got that too! YUCK! My hair was soooooo oily and I have gorgeous long hair!

Never been oily in my life!

I went back to using Pantene!!! LOL


My 79 yr. old mother used the Meaningful Timeless beauty products, and immediately her face and neck became red and inflamed.

It's been three days now, and now her face and neck look like she has the measles! After three doctors visits, and two cortisone shots, she is still suffering.

She was able to contact customer service, and is getting reimbursed.

I recommend that those with sensitive skin do a spot test on their skin before using these products! :sigh






I have been a customer of Meaningful Beauty for sometime. I have had to return products, cancel shipment, and request refunds.

I have never had any doubt that if I upgraded to the 90 day,7pc system, that I would pay 3 monthly payments of 46.65... I purchase the upgrade, tax/ship collected on 1st invoice.

I have never heard of anyone being charged for 6months at a time.... they only ship in 3 month or 90 day supplies...I can see being upset with a company, we have all been there, but is it necessary to post stuff other users know are incorrect or inflamed?


I have used them all-these are just as good, actually my skin feels nice and smooth. I like that they are not greasy.

I don't know about the other customer complaints, all I know is I have NEVER had a problem with service. They have always been nice and once I didn't get a product in my shipment and they sent it out right away UPS at their cost. I have noticed, however, that the majority of those "complainers" want you to buy THEIR products. I am a real user, just a regular woman who wants my skin to look nice.

And it does. :zzz


Thank u for save me all the trouble.


I started using the cleanser around five years ago. Tried a few other cleansers over the course of a few months just for the heck of it.

They wreaked havoc on my sensitive skin, so I went back to Meaningful Beauty and have been using it ever since. I also use the night fluid. I get multiple daily compliments on my skin from men and women. As long as they keep making it, I'll keep using it.

Would like to see the products paraben-free, though.

Customer service has been very good. :zzz


All beauty products affect people's skin differently. Guthy Ranker, the same people that make Meaningful Beauty, made Proactive Solution. Proactive worked for me in an amazing way, but for others, it didn't.

Every one has different skin types, so I think that it's safe to say Meaningful Beauty might be a rip off for some, but not for everyone.


I bought first kit. It smelled like dead fish. I called them and said dont charge my card for any more.they havent


After reading these reviews I've decided to save my money THANK YOU everyone! on 4-11-2010

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