I have been complaining to them for over a year. I don't receive their Meaningful Beauty product and they keep billing me.

They said they sent the product to me and they did not. They keep referring me to many departments but no one can resolve the problem. They told me the charge would be reversed and someone would investigate and that never happened either. I am going to have to pay this bill in protest as 175.00 is not worth ruining my credit over...

but I am really mad at this company.

They are engaging in extremely BAD business practices.

Monetary Loss: $174.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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I was actually looking for information about class action law suit on them. They shipped me products I did not order - it's been years since I last used them - but I refused the order and gave it back to mail person.

They are sending me past due bills. Last time I called for the same reason they apologized but I just cancelled the card.


I am very upset with them. I called them to cancel any further shipments because they were taking out different amounts out of my accounts every month and saying they sent me the shipments when they didn't.

I then called my bank and they informed me to cancel my visa-debit card in which I did. Then the other day I received a letter from a collection agency saying that I was behind in payments.

I am do mad because they still proceeded to withdraw money even though it was cancelled.


So , is this resolved???? Can anyone tell me that they have good ending with this evil company!

I'm at the beginning of this torture! Can we sue them?


we need to start a class action suit. they used bait and switch on me.

i called my card co and they said i have to get card with new account number. :(


i agree with 357 complaints we should seek legal action against this company its ridiculous and the product aint even that great..somebody needs to shut them down for good so they cant take other peoples money anymore they charged my husbands card three times in one month called customer service and talked to a supervisor and he said that it was right I was a 3 month shipment its wrong we asked for a month supply but they said there was no monthly shipment then I argued some more with him they had charged my husbands account 10 times sometimes 3 charges in one month..something needs to be done :( :( :( :(

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