I think that its time some of the people that have been scammed get legal representation and go after there crooked scamming *** its crazy how someone that is like cindy crawford who has tons of money and dont need to scam people out of money. i find that she must be a greedy heartless person.

i mean who does that to people it really makes a person wonder what kind of person cindy really is that she could do this to people. i would love the oppportunity to speak with her it would be nice if she could step up herself and explain why she thinks its ok to do this to people. Its not like she is starving to death and needs the money. I find it disturbing that she could take advantage of people.

Im sure like me there are people out there that really cant afford these products but still find a way to be able to purchase them because they want to feel better about themselves.

Then you take there money and dont ship them the products. Its terrrible to take advantage of customers like that

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My stuff smelled like old stock.


I am with you


Class action lawsuit


Cindy Crawford you should be ashamed of yourself with the way you are scamming people with your products.

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