DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! On 09/24/12 I was in the middle of ordering this and in the process got cut off, called back to cancel and the rep told me the order did not go thru so I was ok.

Three days later my account was charged, I called CS spoke to Amber she said to return the product she would credit my account for the product and for the return shipping and it would show up on my account once they received the product back. They received it on 10/03/12 and although i have received the $43.30 I was charged for the product (it took 4 phone calls), I have still not received the $9.99 I was promised for the return shipping. I have talked with 3 different supervisors: 2 Jennifers and today I spoke to Janelle-(she was the worst of the three). She is now telling me it will take 7-10 business days for the credit department to review my bank statement proving to them that my account has not been credited.

I am beyond pissed, it has taken me faxing my statement, 10 phone calls and countless minutes on hold and I still do not have my money back. I will probably end up receiving another shipment and I will explode if I do. I am now going to file a complaint with the better business bureau and the consumer protection agency.

Folks PLEASE take my advise and RUN from this company as fast as you can! This is the biggest SCAM and the product does not even work, RUN people RUN!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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i just called to order her products. they tried to get three months payment from me.

my coupon was for $19.95 they tried to charge me $54.95.

thank goodness they did not have my credit card information. This is a scam offer.


a case of sour grapes, if you had our bad internet conection, getting cut is a normal daily thing, you wanted the product so what is the issue?


I was just about to order after watching the TV on this product.

Thank you for telling me so!!



I to was going to order this product just to try it. There are mixed emotions on how it works or does not work, and I am getting more negative responses than positive.

I will not order this product now because of all the negativity behind it and I don't want to waste my money. As for Mrs.

Crawford, she has enough money and plus.


DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. I did not find it to work any differently then over the counter stuff bought at drug store.

The auto shipment is a big pain in the *** to cancel. Many emails unanswered, many phone calls to no avail charges to my credit card every month. Had to actually cancel credit card and reorder a new one to stop this company from continually charging me.

Save your money and your time. Run away.......


just order MB and when i get the product and see the charges it blows me away. they charge me triple for the same product they advertise for $39.99 it is not what they told you when you place your order

it is really a scam.

not happy at all. i should read the review first before ordering .


I've had no problem with this company. I find the products wonderful and intend to order more.

Hoping not to have any trouble with reorder.

It is worth trying the product. Someone who hadn't seen me for two years complimented my skin when I hade been using the products for two months.

Love that serum.


Anything u see on TV advertisement is all scam and ***...I once order a bow flex and they way over charge me than the price...so when I called them, they said it's been brought and when I got my bank statement I've been paying more than wat bow flex actually cost...guess how much they took from me...I'll tell ya all folks...they took 3,000 more out my bank!!!

Had to call bank to postpone my payment and no go...so wat I did was cancel my account and move to more Surcured bank and I explaining them everything. .. they evenfound out out was happening even me calling them and explaining the situation...a week later from that day I got 3,000 back, plus the money I paid for bowflex (had to send bowflex back) but main point I'm saying is tv advertisement will rip ya off big time!!!!


I understand your being upset about the way the transaction was handled and the run around for the return shipping, but saying the product doesn't work is absolutely ridiculous. You did not even try it.

How about being honest yourself.

You complain about their not being honest and you come on here and are not honest. Get a life.


Hey Grandma you might want to put on your glasses and re-read my comment....no where do I say the product does not work!! and I am completely honest in the comment that I made.

Make sure you understand what you are reading BEFORE you post a rude comment. Take the advise given or don't (your stupidity not mine) but keep your rude comments to yourself please!


"Folks PLEASE take my advise and RUN from this company as fast as you can!This is the biggest SCAM and the product does not even work, RUN people RUN!!!!!! 305eee2"

You clearly stated at the bottom of your review that it didn't work.


I think YOU need to reread your comment because you did say that the product didn't work. The following is the last paragraph from your post, copied and pasted.

"Folks PLEASE take my advise and RUN from this company as fast as you can!This is the biggest SCAM and the product does not even work, RUN people RUN!!!!!!"

I believe you owe the other lady, who commented on your post, an apology for your rudeness!

Also, I know several people who have used this product line and it works great!

Also, they have never had any problems with customer service. Even when they needed to put the next shipment on hold or wanted to substitute a different item, their request has been handled with efficiency and respect.


Excuse me "DO NOT ORDER" but in your last paragraph you stated that the product didn't even work? Be nice to Grandma :)


you people are idiots, when you call of of an infomercial, the people answering the phone have a script they HAVE to read, that is why they are getting paid. it is not their fault the company auto ships and charges.

they're just trying to make a living.

I have purchased items off of infomercials and not once have i had my card overcharged. Wait once i bought a trial offer of a vitamin and got charged 79.99.

I just called my bank disputed it and it came off of my card no re-occurring charges. very simple

I hate this website because people can post any ridiculous comments.

Use your head when your purchasing any item.


Yes, but the hassle is a bunch of bull, great for you Missy you have had such a perfect ordering, I order all over & they get mixed up & yes it is a hassle, your day is coming! KARMA


Don't use the word Karma for *** things like this if you have no idea what the meaning of karma is.


bv: if you hate this site so much, why are you here?


can understand your frustration. i also had same problem with gunther group regarding proactive.

Still haven't gotten shipping and handling charges reversed after I had already called (5 times) to cancel product -formula was too harsh for my skin. also don't understand why they go ahead and charge your card with shipping of 'supposed' 90 day 'free' trial.

hope your situation gets resolved so.


I keep trying to order online & it wants to charge me priority shipping, when its suppose to be free.Also cheats me & only wants to send one free gift! I do NOT want all the products, just certain ones, the others I do not need.

I figure ,this is just another racket for money a scam! After things keep going wrong after the 3rd time that's my limit. Something is trying to tell me something & I am listening, I AM NOT ORDERING! I do not like to order by phone due to the fact of them getting your street number or something wrong & online its plain!

Its just like everything else a rip off! Rich Movie Stars that have plastic surgery & claim this is what did it, they can go jump right into the lake, I have NEVER liked Cindy Crawford, ANYWAY! She needs to get that mole removed, its NOT a beauty mark,its UGLY as sin!

She is no raving beauty either, they air brush those people to make their skin look good, forget them! I am NOT ORDERING, too much of a hassle NOW!


I went thru something similar from different company and it's the - Gunther group that markets these that is the problem. I would contact Meaningful Beauty and let them know what their marketing group put you through, they may need to know so they can change who markets them if they do care.

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