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I have been using meaningful beauty for about 9 months now any actually think it is a decent ordinary product. However, it does not live up to its claims.

It does not reduce aging any more than an over the counter system you could by at Walmart. The real problem I had was the customer service. They force you to be on a set shipment plan that is way to excessive. I tried s a few times to remedy the problems with shipments only to be treated unkindly and unfairly over the phone, while still being shipped excessive amounts of stuff that I was not using.

Also, they do not take returns even if it their mistake! I had one customer rep screaming at me until she could finish her per-written sales script. She refused to help me and refused me to talk to a manager. I ended up calling back a few days later to a different sales rep and closed the account.

I must say that I am wondering if they will actually send me a "closed account" letter since this was the second time I have tried to cancel with them.

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