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I Received my current kit . I have been customer for the Kit came in offered chance to customize kit and get free shipping.

Since 3 items in kit I never use I wanted to swap them for ones I tried and liked. I was told it would cost more money 24 dollars per product plus shipping. It is not what box or pamphlet states. It's fraudulent advertising and a scam.

I had to wait 10 minutes for a manager after arguing with a representative for 10 minutes who was clearly reading off a script and could not answer any of my questions without a long pause, only to go over it all again only to be told basically too bad they can't help.

What a rip off I have been a customer for years and I just cancelled my account there are other skin care product lines out here that I can buy and not have this problem. I shouldn't have to pay for things I don't use let alone pay 150 bucks a pop for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Customer Care.

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That is so unfortunate. I can not stand it when I call customer service and they're reading off a script.

I can understand there are certain things they need to say, depending upon the situation.

But when these companies require their agents to read from a script, us customers know it and it makes us feel unappreciated and annoyed to say the least. I am sorry that happened to you.

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