Started to order this product but I am so thankful I read the reviews!! I will save my money and continue buying my current face cream for half the cost and it's works just as good from what I have read!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

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Of course this site will give you only negative feedback because its a complaint site. But my experience has been the opposite.

I've been using this product for years and love it.

I've never had any problems with products, orders or customer service.

There have been a couple times I've had to cancel membership due to financial issues and sign up again at a later time. No hassles, they also offered to set back shipment dates to try to help me out if I wanted.

Just wanted you to know :-)

to Happy customer #1661054

Sure you Did you probably work for them. Ain’t nobody believe your *** your the only one with this great experience Get a life

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