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I have used Meaningful Beauty cleanser for years. I took the bottle with me to my dermatologist who pointed out that this product contained a lot of parabens.

Parabens are man=made chemicals used as preservatives in a wide variety of everyday products including cosmetics, lotions and even food. products. There have been studies that say that it is potentially dangerous and that have linked parabens to cancer. Silly me.

I automatically assumed that Cindy Crawford would want to use the healthiest ingredients available, because people may trust her products because they know her name.

I was disappointed that this was not the case. I will no longer be using this cleanser.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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Sooooooo incredibly thankful I read all these negative reviews before I decided to order. I guess if something sounds too good to be true, researching it beforehand is a really beneficial thing to do.

I'm really sorry most everyone had to experience the hassles with customer service and bad reactions to the products. I know how frustrating dealing with that *** can be.


No matter the research on parabens its an ingredient that has been used in products since our grandparents time. It is used to conserve and keep products fresh, and it is in almost everything out there.

Just look on the back of all of your beauty products its not just meaningful beauty.

Everything can be linked to cancer in these days, the sun, the foods that we eat unless their organic but wait now even organic is not entirely safe. Live life try things and stay happy and positive.


Wow..I can't believe all these complaints..this product probably has the most complaints I have ever seen and I research everything on the internet before I buy is very apparent Cindy and Valerie have had plastic surgery or injections..nobody looks the same for 15yrs with just a cream..if she will go on tv and lie about that to trick people into buying the product, we probably shouldn't be surprised the company is ripping everyone off..




lesson to celebrities trying to sell things...the internet age allows us to research. Not buying after reading all this.


Unfortunately I did not see these reviews before ordering. I have been using the products for a few weeks here and there, I wash my face everyday...I didn't break out in a rash but my skin is worse looking.

Not better. I have more redness and broke out with a couple pimples under the skin...I never get pimples. So I am a little pissed. Considering how much it costs to buy these products.

The eye cream comes off in flakes with my eye makeup and undereye concealer.

It's horrible. After using these products I would never recommend them to anyone


Good Cindy don't use those products .. Are you people that ***..

She get all kinds of Botox restlayne and everything else done to stay younger...

Ask ker who is her cosmetic surngeon instead... Wake up people!!


I'm glad I read this. I was thinking about trying it. Now I won't.


I am so thankful that I read all of these before I decided to order the product. Decided to do research before buying it and lucky I did. Thank you.


You would think Cindy wouldn't stand behind a company that rips people off, but what does she care? She gets paid... so glad I read reviews before buying.

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