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This looks like a scam. I order the Meaningful Beauty products, and I have to say I like them but they are very expensive, I like the feeling of a smooth skin after applying, I don't know if it makes any difference in reducing wrinkles.

The point here is that if you open one of the bottles you will find out that the amount in the bottle is LESS what the container says. The Antioxidant Day Crème of 1 FL OZ IS NOT 1 FL OZ, please look at the picture and if you open yours you will see the same.

I don't trust in the amount of product they are telling you after I open my day cream container. Something must be done here...

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

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I have used my share of skin products for acne from age 19 to 34...& tried too many anti-aging products to count. At age 34, I developed my own skin care, free of chemicals, parabens or preservatives/fillers, because my skin would break out horribly no matter what I tried.

My skin remained clear & youthful, & at age 54, I still get told how young I look. I don't believe in putting chemicals, fillers & such into our skin. They counteract any benefits of the actual ingredients that are there to "do the job," & most that are used by "brand name" businesses are known carcinogens & can cause many other problems. I have since begun making my products available to the public, with great success for people looking for clearer, brighter more youthful skin, & younger women looking for a product to prevent aging effects before it starts.

If anyone here who is disappointed with what they've tried, visit me on Facebook at Essentia One-Blend Skin Solutions/Valerie Sekula. I've always been appalled that these "big," "brand name" products are still allowed to rob people the way they do. My serums come in cobalt blue glass bottles, filled to the top, so you have no question of whether or not you received the full .5 oz. and each bottle is $35 for the day serum & $45 for the night (s&h as well as taxes depend on size of order).

It is a far cry from these others charging $150-$400(yes, there are some!outrageous!!) for the supposed same amount.

And I know for fact that my products deliver results, I'm living proof;) I have not used any other products since age 35, & those who have begun using them over the last 3 years that I made them available have never been disappointed. So, take a look, send me a message & let's talk;) Wishing you all wellness & peace...

@Essentia One-Blend

This isn't an advertising website. If you want to advertise your product pay for advertising like people do to put their ads here, not by trying to get around paying for it.

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