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I watched Cindy Crawford on TV and thought I'd try it, as I am 37 and love great cleansers, moisturizers, etc.. to help prevent an aging complexion.

I used it and wasn't real impressed. My teenage daughter liked it, so I let her use the rest of the supply. Then I was sent the vitamins separtely "as a free gift" they say. I had no clue I would begin receiving a larger supply of my original order automatically, but thought, well it's Chrhistmas and I can give it to my daughter then I will cancel.

When I called to cancel, they advised that my total $ due is not finished charging (extends out months!). I couldn't ask my daughter to give it back at this point, so I advised them to cancel after the final payment was taken in February (this was in Jan). I received an email confirmation of the cancellation. Today, I received a box of the meaningful beauty vitamins, which I never even ordered the first time and was automatically sent to me as a "free gift".

I went to my credit card account and noticed my card was charged over a week ago (we are in March now). I called meaningful beauty and they said I would need to speak with someone in the "vitamin department"...ug...so I spoke with the girl and she said she would cancel the account and process the refund after the vitamins were sent back. Livid, I threatened calling the BBB as I never originally ordered these vitamins and to keep my $ over a month was such a scam! She told me she wasn't part of my phone call when I canceled in Jan.

and I told her that no one had told me I needed to make 2 phone calls to 2 different depts to cancel future shipments. I asked her if I opened the package if the package return would take care of itself without me having to pay or if I should put "return to sender" on the package. She said "the package will take care of itself". I have opened the envelope and container...I will have to pay to send it back.

Beyond frustrating! I have spent so much money on this useless product and I am very disgusted!

This makes me hestitate from ordering any products online!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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I don’t order anything online for the same reason. They take advantage of the situation.


I have had very good results with MB. I am told almost daily how good I look.

When I tell people I am going to be 70 soon I am meant with the same response disbelieving what I say. I have had problems with the money but one phone call cleared it up and so far they have gotten it right.

I am so sorry that people have had problems. I believe this is a good and reasonable skin care product.


the same thing happened to me! "Ma'am, do you want the number to the vitamin line?" What?

another I wish I was better about NOTHING is for FREE! The vitamins AUTO-SHIP and you are charged, you can not return anything after 60 days.

They do charge your card even before the shipment occurs!!!! It takes 4 to 6 weeks to get your money back!

It is ridiculous that you have to be so vigilant and waste so much time with a product you were sent as a FREE gift #nothingisfree #meaningfulbeautyfineprint


The exact same thing happened to me. I got transferred 3 times, finally to Guthrie Ranker.

The Meaningful Beauty customer service claimed that they had no idea what my account was, couldn't pull it up, put me on hold for about 2 minutes and the voila! Told me they would transfer me to Guthrie Ranker. IT is a scam.

They know they need to transfer you and they purposefully give you the run around about this. I will never order any of their products again.


The problem isn't with the actual company but with Guthrie Ranker. I've had problems in the past but it was always thru Guthrie Ranker.

I've learned if I really want to try that product, listen carefully ... Never agree to auto-pay you want to try it for 30 days, they say their sending you 60 day risk free.... They say they are sending you vitamins or an other product for free to try..... Sometimes you have to be rude or stern...

Say all I want is-----, I don't want anything else, I only want the 30 days of -----, nothing else. Once they said I understand, but.... Yes, wanted to send me something else for free, I interrupted and said " Look, I don't want to be rude, but i don't want to waste your time, please don't waste my time, I only want ------, nothing else. That always seems to work for me.

I also get name and id# in the.

Beginning. Hope that helps.


I went through the same thing. Terrible company to deal with.

Such a scam. Shame on Cindy Crawford and Guthry-Renker for promoting this product and company.


Now I'm scared BC I just ordered it and she said I cud cancel anytime but just give it 48 hrs b 4 I cancel


Meaningful beauty and meaningful beauty wellness uses Cindy Crawford image in a terrible way, they are a scam and the same owners of proactive, they steal from people by scamming and charging your credit card in sneaky ways and with disguised fees. They don't tell you they are three different companies and you have to call different numbers to cancel their multiple accounts.

The customer service phone number 1-800-813-3826 for meaningful beauty wellness doesn't work at all, they have it set it up so it picks up the call then an awful load computer noise is play, the call is never answered it gets automatically disconnected. They definitely don't want you to get your call at all and I am pretty sure this must be illegal as a business malpractice and call avoidance. I knew proactive was bad with this but beautiful meaning is even worst, I am pretty sure they are being investigate for unethical business behavior by the BBB.

This is the worts scam ever and cant believe cindy is associated with them. This really irritating and the kind of abuse they are imposing on people while robbing them is unfair, this should be reviewed by lawyers.


I had the same issue with the vitamins except that after I cancelled and sent back the three month supply that they conveniently charged me for a week before I received the product, they actually sent another three month supply. I am so confused of what I actually owe compared to what they have taken from my bank card.

I did call again with a much aggressive approach and threatening to posting my experience with them all over the internet and so far I haven't received the vitamins again. I do like the facial cleanser and creams though. To me, they are very worth it.

It does work if you use it as directed. I have very obvious results.


I also got the vitamins without ordering - have returned them, but have yet to see a credit on my charge. I think I have lost the first amount (1 of 3) that they said they will charge me, but I won't pay the second and third installments.


I also made the mistake of ordering this product. I saw on TV went online and ordered it and not one time did I see that I would receive shipments and be charged a monthly fee for it.

What a crock of ***! And the vitamins that you get as a "free" gift...you are also sent a supply and charged for them. I just called and canceled my account and the guy says.."you have a balance of $88.32..Would you like to take care of that today?? WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY??

I'm sending everything back that I received and I was told Future shipments have been canceled and I would receive a refund for everything charged minus S&H.

But of course he said that would take 4-6 weeks??? OMG...JUST DONT ORDER IT!!!


Same thing happened to me I really liked the skin care line. I will never order again because of what they did to me with vitamins! Horrible service!


I am being charged for the vitamins also! 89.95 + 8.97 s/h for 180 vitamins!

$100 for vitamins!!!!! There is no place on the site to cancel this either.

I am livid!


I can't believe this scam is allowed to continue. Cindy Crawford, how could you allow this to take place.

we are not billionaires. We hard working people ,living paycheck to paycheck and lured into buying your product. Yes lured I say.

I'm sending back the vitamins I didn't order and hope my refund comes back to my checking account. Shame, shame.


Cindy Crawford, what the *** are you doing? You are part of one of the biggest scams I've EVER incountered!!!




BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!! Ordering anything from Meaningful Beauty is like signing a deal with the devil.

You'll never get out of it, no matter how many times you phone their call center to cancel the product. After the initial order the actual costs are cleverly hidden through multiple debit orders and you'll find yourself paying through the nose. Had the same issue with the 'free gift' vitamins... free gift, ha!

No matter how many times I cancelled the beauty products and the vitamins, they just kept arriving and I kept being billed.

Then you have to spend your precious time, energy and money trying to return the stuff. I deeply regret the day I EVER heard of this product - and it's not even that great.


very similar experience, received the vitamins as a 'free gift' and suddenly got another supply bottle, and monthly charges AFTER I called and cancelled back in July. I am still waiting for the refund.

The stories they have been giving me every few weeks are unbelievable. Today, I actually spoke to the same person.

They did not even follow up on her internal note from over to weeks ago. If no resolution occurs by the end of this week, I am refuting the 3 months charges with my bank and let them handle the situation.

Very interesting business scam - they take your money, say the refund takes up to 6 weeks, and in the meantime they earn interest on the money collected....well done, but short-sighted.


This is a SCAM. Never buy this stuff, I cannot believe they get away with this.

I too was charged multiple times, call and cancelled , waited on the return label they promised to send that never arrived and was charged again after this. So $32.94 charged to my credit card 3 times for 1 90 day supply of vitamins that I can buy at Walmart for 15 dollars.


I am in total agree with you and had the same experience. It's a scam and there should be a law about them being able to do this.

It's a lot of money for nothing.

I wish I had checked it out before I ever ordered it. I have learned a valuable lesson.


:eek OMG! I just watched Cyndi's commercial, and went online to order.

I'm a terribly skinny, 62 year old, with many health problems. Admittedly, very worse for wear:cry. My face is lined, wrinkled, careworn, and quite bony. Heck, I'm bony all over :sigh, and need all the help I can get.

I thought, if this Mellon stuff works for Crawford, it just may work for me, too. So, I ordered the smallest, Basic package. I never like to spend too much on cosmetics and personal care products:x. First of all I'm a Scot, and very tight-fisted with my money :upset I'm also an Avon Independent Sales Representative, and not only do I see their products, I USE them.

They are both Halal and Kosher, because Avon discourages all animal testing, and the use of animal products in their cosmetics. 8) That's important to me. Avon's products are gentle, easy to use and wear, and decently priced. If you check my bathroom, and bedroom, you'll find a TON of Avon cosmetics, personal care items, colognes and perfumes, fashions, shoes, products for the home, cute novelty items, such as my cute, sports car - shaped computer mouse!

I did feel a little like a traitor ordering this new stuff, but I'm desperate for results :roll! I hate looking old!

But, after ordering, and I log off of the Meaningful Beauty site, I find myself here, attracted by the angry reviews. I'm thinking...Good Grief!:upset Conned again :sigh! I hate wasting money, but I suppose I haven't gotten myself into too serious of a pickle.

You see, when ever I buy anything online, over the phone, via Mail Order, etc. I use a PRE-PAID Debit Card. So, the ONLY money that's on my card, is what I PUT ON IT! If I don't anyone withdrawing charges that I didn't authorize, I let the card remain empty.

I don't make any deposits for a few months. There's no inconvenience, because I have SEVERAL prepaid cards :p . So, I suppose I'll wait 'an see what happens. In the meantime, my debit card will carry a zero balance.

They can't take what isn't there...now can they? :grin

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