So deceptive. I'm shocked and disappointed that Cindy puts her name behind such false and deceptive advertising.

You buy and then just magically after ordering you have an account that is fully updated that you never filled out yourself w the auto ship selected and no way to opt out. ***.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Guthy R

Hello, Our Corporate Escalation Team would like to learn more about your experience and offer further assistance. If you could please contact the team by filling out this form: http://www.meaningfulbeauty.com/lp/cet, someone will be in touch with you shortly.

@Guthy R

I have contacted you w no response. I'll try again....


These ad's on AOL are all a scam. How they work is they tell you it is a trial offer.

You have 15 days to return the product. They delay shipping so your window is very short having to call and cancel. When ever a 3 party is involved , the 3rd party is nothing but a call center hot box of young people telling you too bad you missed your window to return it. By this time they have already taken a good sum of money out of your bank or credit card.

This company is the same one who ran an ad in December. I did some investigation once I found where to ship it back . It is another company running under the radar by another name. Do yourself a favor by first contact your bank or credit card and file a report.

Second where ever they tell you to return the product go to google earth and put in the address. Zoom in & see what name is on the sign of the building. Once you have this you need to contact the attorney general's off in the county they are located in. It is very easy as you can print out the form from online.

These creams are nothing special. You are better off using coconut oil on your face. AOL I think should be looking into these ad's before running them. If everyone will do as I mentioned we can have these thieves shut down.

I also would like to mention this , you cannot find the small print details until you entered your credit or debit card number.

Once you have been scammed order a new card and cut up the old one. GOOD LUCK

Guthy R

Hello, We would like to offer further assistance and help with anything outstanding on your account. If you could please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: http://www.meaningfulbeauty.com/lp/cet, someone will be in touch with you directly to speak with you. Thank you.

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