Ford City, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

My name is Shirley R. McCoy, 650 Pine Hollow Road, Ford City, PA 16226.

I was going through my checking account and found some issues with your company. I got second package, sent it back and canceled shipments. I was recently going through checking account and saw that I was being charged for shipments that I didn't get. Not interested in getting anymore.

I just want my money back. Please check your records and see to it that I am refunded for money that does not belong to your company. I don't want to post anywhere about your policies for returning products and the fact that you are taking my money.

Please be responsible and look into this. Thank you.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $102.

Meaningful Beauty Pros: Product.

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Shirley, it's never a good idea to post your full name and address on the internet. Also, I think you should update your post and let us know if your issue was resolved.

Guthy R

Please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: with details of your experience so that we can learn more and assist.


If money is not returned, I will be forced into looking into help in getting my money returned. If not returned, I will be forced to post anywhere I can about how you operate your business. Please do the right thing and refund my money.

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