Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ladies, all you have to do is pay with PayPal and they CANNOT keep charging you monthly without your permission. Simple as that.

As for the product I think it's an ok product for the price. Think about how much it would cost if you purchased all these seperately.

Pay with paypal, it's the way to pay for any purchases online. It's super safe and secure so you need not worry about your credit card number out there. It's easy to join and easy to use.

After you use it you'll wonder why you didn't use it before. And they go to bat for you if you ever have a problem with a purchase.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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Regardless if they CAN'T charge you continuously or not....they shouldn't be TRYING to. I shouldn't have to rearrange my plans on payments to a safer form so they don't continue to charge me. If it was legit and not a scan then i would be able to give them my credit card number and not have to worry about them recharging me every month.


I have tried the product... then cancelled it as it was a little expensive.

Have tried several products since....

and am not impressed. Am going back to Meaningful Beauty!


I too have had trouble with paypal helping on a fraudulent charge and guthy-renkor (sp?) as a company they are the worst!


Cancel the billing agreement on the PayPal account and they cannot keep charging you.


I used PayPal and they still kept charging my account and PayPal would not stop or put a block on the payment - told me I had to work it out with Meaningful Beauty

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