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This is the most disgusting and greedy SCAM I have every encountered. The product has some irritants that cause major breakouts, rashes, swollen eyes, loss of eyelashes, and contain cancer-causing ingredients (that when asked about was LIED to). Reports on customer service are so ridiculously awful that I was prompted to research. I believe there will be legal action taken against Guthry-Renker. Astonished that this has not already occurred! Please share ALL your horror stories with me. Also, I encourage you look up reviews of these products on You will be dumb-founded that no action has been taken to date.

I think people are way to passive about this dangerous product, let alone the fact that they are stealing money from people using a "FREE TRIAL" tactic, that is so awful most people are charged hundreds of dollars AFTER canceling and returning the product. Many people are forced to call their bank and cancel their cards just to stop getting charged. I believe it is our duty to bring legal action against this kind of blatant misrepresentation of a product, and dismal customer service.

I highly encourage EVERYONE who has had an issue with this so-called skin care line to RECORD YOUR PHONE CONVERSATIONS when calling. They are known to lie, refuse to give refunds on "mistaken" over-charges, continue to charge if order is on hold, and send you from one horrible supervisor to the next.

This must be stopped. I will not passively sit by and watch Cindy Crawford and Valerie Bertanelli LIE about this product when they know they are taking advantage of vulnerable people. And the so-called youth guru doctor (Mr. Melon) is a totally greedy lying manipulative attention seeker. I am disgusted and appalled that they would knowingly market and release a product containing carcinogens, and cause people harm. One woman's rash was so severe she had to be treated with antibiotics!

This cannot continue, period. I will launch a campaign to stop them, and reveal all these people for who they are. SHAME on you Cindy Crawford. I did some research, and found that Cindy uses Botox, collagen injections, peels, and other cosmetic surgical procedures to maintain her looks, and then pretends that it is because of the magical melon juice (something that can easily and cheaply be obtained over-the-counter) is the reason she looks youthful. BLATANT LIES that are now causing major health problems. The products are NOT hypoallergenic, so the good doctor is full of it. As a dermatologist, he has an obligation to his patients to first do no harm. I guess money corrupts. I have lost all respect for Cindy, Valerie, and GR. Please share and comment. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

Monetary Loss: $760.

  • false advartisement
  • informercial
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I had a similar thing happen before with Guthy Renker they do not care. It is like dealing with the mob they won't return your money and forget customer service.

When I spoke with a rep when trying to get my money back when I had been charged without authorization, she blamed me. Maybe she was right since I was *** enough to do business with them! Now when purchasing products no matter how enticing I won't buy it if they are associated with GR.

Let your wallet do your talking for by not buying anything GR handles. You'll keep your money safe that way also.


I am very cheering what you complain about produce of meaning beauty They have a lot of thing ????????we need,have to focus carafully what they ad on tv what they talk on the phone +_ They said that what you see no the screen noly $40.00 but they charge you 4 times of $40............ they told that free shiping but the bill they add $11.00.and when we order the product they charge around 2 day ??????????? and we return they told that i have to wait for 4 or 5 week later and the number 18004699336 when i call the answer is it disconectic ohhhhhhhhhhh lie lie lier my english is so poor but i need to talk

@kim akim


Did you even read the complaint? I guess it's the gullible suckers like you that make them so much money. You can simply buy a bottle of any otc moisturizer and get the exact same result. I suggest you re-read the complaint. It has to do with over-charging, ridiculously horrible and unresponsive customer service, claims that are blatant LIES in the 3 am informercial that there is 'magical' serum from a melon that scientists found. And if you put it on your face, it won't age and you will be beautiful. It's uneducated consumers such as yourself that they are targeting. I hope you like it a lot, because they will now charge you hundreds of dollars for something you could buy for 10.00 at CVS.

How can you be so self-centered and insensitive to others who have a terrible skin reaction because the product is NOT hypo-allergenic? I suppose that in April's world, April only cares about April and since it works for April then April is happy.

God forbid the day comes when you want to stop but cannot, because you'll get the same bull run-around while they silently drain your bank account. Have you ever stopped to ponder WHY this magical new beauty product is sold as through a freaking infomercial? If it actually worked, it would be HUGE news all over the world and would hit the market, not being sold through the t.v. with a trial period that you can't escape from.

You've been ripped off and don't even know it, haha. I have some magical swampland in Alaska if you want to buy it? I heard that if you build a house there, fairies will greet you and a nice witch will come, wave her wand, and take 10 years off your "beautiful" face. Only 9.99, free trial period. The witch is the special 'gift with purchase' item! Act now, since they are running out as I type this!!

:grin 8) :p

@kim akim

Hi Kim!

Your English is quite good. I understand what you are communicating. You were over-charged for a bogus (fake) product and were billed for shipping even though you were told that the shipping would be free. When you called and tried to resolve the problem, you were rudely disconnected.

This is a very very common complaint unfortunately. I wish I could help you. As a consumer advocate, all I can do is post reviews / warnings on websites such as these and hopefully draw attention to the SCAM before more people are sucked into this pitiful scheme.

I would suggest calling AGAIN and AGAIN until you do get through to an actual customer service representative. Insist that you talk to a supervisor. Once you have a 'supervisor' on the phone, just speak slowly and stay calm and reasonable. Explain the problem, and be sure to have ALL the information in front of you. If you want, type out what it is you want to say and read it, so you don't get flustered. If they get angry or sound annoyed, just remain calm and repeat your problem. Insist that you be repaid for the money you lost.

Most importantly, use a tape recorder so that the conversation is taped. That way, you have PROOF of what they say in case they later try to lie about what you were told.

Feel free to use the word lawsuit. They are stealing money from you! If someone came into your home and took the money out of your wallet without permission, they would GO TO JAIL. Yet they are very good at justifying this crime by deflecting, disconnecting, lying, using excuses, etc.

Please post here again after you try to get your stolen money returned. I wish you all the best.

Warm regards. :)


So far I find meaningful beauty to be a fine product.I think those bashing it either have bad skin issues, are not using it properly or have no knowledge of cosmetics. My skin looked pretty and had Nice glow after ONE application. Just because it doesn't work for you that doesn't mean that you go online and call it a scam.

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