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I ordered a kit early in January 2016 for $49.95. It never came.

So I called them back in mid-January. They could not find my name, order or credit card number in any of their records. I had to start over and place a whole new order. For whatever reason, this time the charge was only $39.95, and the package arrived promptly.

Fine. I expected another $39.95 charge to my card in 30 days for a new delivery. Instead, a charge came through for the $49.95 ONLY TWO WEEKS AFTER. The first order had re-appeared out of the blue, a month after being lost in their system.

Now I have two subscriptions running at the same time and overlapping.

I have to call today and straighten out the mess, but at this point I have absolutely no faith in them. After also reading other reviews, I realize I am not the only one.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Meaningful Beauty Pros: Product line.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Billing problems.

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