Washington, District Of Columbia

First I thought the product was $39, but when you order it really is 3 payments of $39. I wanted the product so I continued anyway.

I bought 2 extra bottles for $6 which the total payments was $46 for 3 payments plus $9.99 shipping and handling. Next day I looked into my bank account and noticed that I have a pending transaction of 139.95. Called Meaningful and spoke to Merilyn and she informs me that in her account she sees the first payment of the 139.95. They can't cancel the current transaction because the product is already being shipped out (also they can't cancel the order to stop being shipped).

Now I'm in the process of a claim through my account which they can't cancel the transaction 15 days the product is being shipped back to the merchant, but Meaningful told to give them 4-6 weeks.

Ugh ugly..

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