Mobile, Alabama
Not resolved

I have called twice to cancel this product! The first time I was told my account was canceled - they sent the product the next month.

Once they have your credit card number there is no way to get out. The first time I returned the product I paid shipping fee and returned it. This time I returned it by refusing to accept the package. I returned it to the post office.

I am sick of their lies. This time I got a ref# to verify I have canceled my account! I am very fed up with this company.

Is there no stopping it?

Do not get involved with this company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.


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I accidental lost my credit card - reported it stolen. What a shame if meaningful beauty send their product again.

I am so Pissed at this company.


OM Goodness! They Charged my Credit Card Again!!!

Even after I returned their product! This company is the worst!

Their "trained service representatives" must make money by how they much they can lie to you! DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!!


Contact your credit card company and let them know that Meaningful Beauty is NOT permitted to charge anything to the account. This is what I have done on a number of occasions when I am getting ripped off.

Once it's explained to the credit card company, everything else is easy.


I have emails stating my account was cancelled and sure enough, the next month the products showed up. I've called, I've emailed, I've done everything they say and I'm over it!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

Guthy R

Hello, Please contact our Corporate Escalation Team by filling out this form: so that we can assist with your cancellation. We will be in touch with you shortly once the form is completed and sent to us. Thank you.

@Guthy R - What a joke this! It takes you to there web page!

Any one received a form to assist with cancellation? Not Me!

@Guthy R

What joke - this take you to the web page

@Guthy R

I can't be more thankful for all the people complaining thank gos for them u dirty horrible people... You are nasty scamming people I hope u end up at bbb ah ha....


I have cancelled since December, and they are still,,, charging me 8 months ago.

This, is ridiculous and what I did is I called my credit card company, and made a stop payment on it!

So, now they sent me a bill to my address. I called them, and said that i don't live there no more.

Now they, will not charge me no more.

Never Never again!!!!!


I cancelled in May 2014 and suddenly 9/1 they charge me again. I called customer service and they said that once I get the package I can return it for a refund.

I said I needed a supervisor. Tristan got on the phone and said he would reverse the charges immediately and send me a prepaid return label. I asked why they would send me another shipment 4 months after I cancelled it. He said although I cancelled 5/2/2014, it said to send again in September.

I asked who exactly said I would want it shopped again 4 months after I canceled and he said, "I would rather not speculate"..

What a joke. I will make sure this gets credited within the next 3-5 days or I will complain to the BBB


I know this, company is really ***! I've Canceled 8 months ago, still getting charged.

I have called my credit company made a stop payment and my credit card charged them and given me my refund back.

So, now they, cannot go and get payments, no more.

Never again will i order this product again.

Good luck!!

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