Stockton, California
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I purchased this meaningful beauty product. Started off with the $39.99 starter kit under my husbands name.

At the end of the month I began to run out so I ordered the product again. This time under my name. Next day I received the product under husbands name not knowing that they send the product again after the 30 days. They then give you a 90 day supply.

I was not upset at all. So I called right away to cancel the order under my name and was told by customer service that they were unable to stop the shipment because it had already been shipped. But they will cancel my account and advised me to return the product as soon as I received it so I can get a refund within 4-6 WEEKS!!! I was so upset because I knew the product wasn't shipped yet!!

I get a confirmation through email when the product is shipped. I did not receive that email until 3 DAYS LATER!! So they Are liars!! I called a week later to let them know that the product had been shipped and that they should have received it already.

Well they didn't. I also let them know know that I changed my credit card and I would like to give them the new 1 for my refund. Well apparently they can't do that so now they have to mail me a check. I had waited at least 2 months and did not see a check.

I called and complained and they just keep on giving me the same story. I have to wait 2 more weeks for it to process. I waited the 2 work and all I received was a letter letting me know that I will receive a check in 7 days. IT HAS BEEN 2 WEEKS!!

And I still have not seen this check. I called meaningful beauty and they are still with the same run around!! Now I'm being told that I have to wait 2-3 weeks!! Come on that's enough already!!

Give me my money!! You guys were quick to take my money but are taking forever to refund it.

Monetary Loss: $57.

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Just the thought of "sending a check" for your refund gives me the hives. They should have credited the credit card they had on file for you.

Thanks for sharing your experience, it saves some of us from similar experiences.


I was definitely considering ordering Meaningful Beauty but after reading these complaints.....hl no!! Apparently this is a scam and they won't get one dollar out of me.

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