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I saw a special on TV and wanted to try the meaningful beauty products for the 30 day special of 39.95 and was told that I would continued to be charged this amount monthly. I am not rich just a lady that wants to look her best like Cindy.I am 58 and and on disability and have always wanted to try these products feel bad enough about being on disability ,but I still would like to feel like and look like I am younger than what I am.I think the ads just get your hopes up and

Lead you to believe that this is affordable and something that anyone can afford to use,with the misconception that you have to pay 46.00 dollars the rest of your life monthly to do this.I just would like to try it to feel better about myself ,have been through a lot of sadness and sorrow in my lifetime always doing for others and not thinking of myself .Honestly this is the only thing I have ever wanted to do for myself and I cannot afford it.Well I draw 500 dollars a month and don't have luxrys like most but I have a big heart and put others before me I guess I will never know if these products work or not.Please quit misleading people and gettin their hopes up. Sincerely a fan of Cindy Crawford

Reason of review: Misinformed about product price.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Customer service and being mislead on the price.

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There are things you can do to look younger. Wash your face at night, Apply a moisturizer.

Drink water. Use sunscreen. Do yoga. Get a sassy haircut.

Buy skinny jeans.

Think positive. There are many ways to look and feel younger.


I don't understand your review... how were you tricked?

I have been researching meaningful beauty to try for myself, and it clearly states the monthly price for every kit. It sounds like you are just bitter about not being able to afford the products. It's not fair for you to slam a company for "tricking you" when 1.) they clearly state their monthly price and 2.) You never actually ordered from them.

Please don't mislead people looking for an honest review of the product. Thanks.


I also agree with you very well said! The company does not sugar coat anything they state the price and how much it will cost right up front! I am a Meaningful Beauty customer and have been using the product line for months I am very satisfied with the product as well as customer service


You can cancel your subscription anytime or modify the dates for it to be shipped. It's not a miracle cream, in order for it to work, it needs to consistently be used which means it will eventually run out.

So replenishment is important to maintain good skin. It's not a 1 and done type situation. It's a membership that automatically replenishes. I don't think you were tricked at all.

I called on Sunday and ordered my first kit.

I won't need an order every month so I modified shipment for every 3 months. It's easy just call.


I agree with you!!!! Well said!!

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