Leawood, Kansas

I just spoke with a Representative from Guthy Renker and she was so kind and helpful. I was very upset because my credit card has been charged close to $200.00.

I thought the guy who took my order was honest, and he was not. HONESTY is always the best way for a company to succeed and the way he portrayed himself today, showed me that some of these folks taking your important information cannot be trusted. I support informercials, and want to make sure that Guthy Renker is associated with honesty! I have read all of the complaints and realize there are some people who take these phones should not be working in this line of business!

However, Guthy Renker is a great company who have given a lot folks a big start, but please be warned, there are people working for you, I considered as being dishonest and dangerous to the informercial success! Thank you Liz, you are a very kind and sweet person. Thank God that Guthy Renker has you! I will continue to support and shop informercial products because of Liz's help!

Please look into these folks doing the illegal transactions. The product are great, but the folks handling my private information are "diseased," and trust me, they can put you out of business quick.

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