The trial ad of 5 products and 3 free. 8 products.

Is $39.95 plus free shipping. I pay $82.00. I just cancelled. When I called customer service ( sherie or sherry) I asked why the big difference.

HERES WHERE IT GETS REALLY FUNNY! Sherie explained that for example the ultra lifting and filling in the first offer is .5 for 1 month supply and mine is a 3 month supply. Mine is 1.0 oz. so I asked her while she ponders .5 (1 month) and 1.0 (3 months) is not the math I learned in school, get me a supervisor.

The supervisor (Whitney) also could not answer the math question. Just said she don't understand it but it's always been that way. So for all grade school graduates. Buyer beware.

I then told Whitney (supervisor) that I am contesting with my c.c. Company the last charge and note it in my account. Shame shame shame on the company that Cindy Crawford puts her name on that representatives of the company cannot explain why the company thinks its ok to think that the trusting public will go along with the fact that on some products there is no month 3 left of product unless there is a disclaimer that after you get introductory offer (trial .5 oz) 1 month. And next order which is (1 oz) 3 months, you must start using half as much in month 2 & 3 to get your 3 months supply.

There you go I just figured it out for the company. This is not my math but this is what was explained by 2 representatives (sherie) and supervisor ( Whitney). When I told some people about my phone call they were either amused at the math logic or disappointed more people don't read complaints online such as the sight pissed consumers who rated the meaningful beauty reviews on their site as (1.6).

The site also stated 1,043 total reviews and 6 issues resolved. There you go

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Free Trial.

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Meaningful Beauty Cons: See review, Misinformation.

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