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I wish I read this site 5 months ago.... this product really is not at all what they claim.

I have a very clear complexion; however, since trying this product I haven't had more black heads in my 33 years... So I called and cancelled. It has been 2 months and they are STILL billing me, I cancelled within my "60 days" so I should receive a refund. I just called for the 3rd time and received awful customer service yet again (but really I am sure everyone cancels or complains so wouldn't you be grumpy working an 8 hour day of angry customers)...

anyhow, I received an email for my tracking about a month ago, they signed off when they received it (thank god I did this) because apparently it has not been entered into the system that they received it, I now have to fax it to them. I think I will fax a lawyer's card, especially after reading all comments.....

Review about: Meaningful Beauty Customer Care.

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Thank God for this website and the comments, I was about to order the meaningful beauty kit. I will make sure I check things out before listening to infomercials.


Unfortunately I did not see these reviews before ordering. I have been using the products for a few weeks here and there, I wash my face everyday...I didn't break out in a rash but my skin is worse looking.

Not better. I have more redness and broke out with a couple pimples under the skin...I never get pimples. So I am a little pissed. Considering how much it costs to buy these products.

The eye cream comes off in flakes with my eye makeup and undereye concealer.

It's horrible. After using these products I would never recommend them to anyone

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