Once you order, it's impossible to be taken off for any payments and shipping. I order this for my mother last summer (summer of 2016), and it worked well for only a few weeks.

So she asked me to cancel it for her. Turns out you really can cancel once you've given them your information.... I first wrote to them in their customer service page, told them the issue, and sent that on to them. I thought it was done, but oh, was I wrong.

the next months comes and here is another shipment and payment of the stuff that I no longer want! So I wrote than again. And nothing happened. $130.36 was still being taken out of my bank account every month and sometimes we would never even receive a shipment of the product!!!

HOW IS THIS OKAY??!!! Sometimes it comes to our door and sometimes it doesn't, but there is always a payment made on my card for it! And whenever I call their number to customer support, I'm always put on hold and transferred to other people. I never get someone who will actually listen to me.

And you're on hold for so long that it goes " This line is full.

Please leave you name and number and we will get back to you within 24 hours." And guess what, they never do. I know that they know what they are doing to people and this has to end!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Payment scam.

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Seems to be ALOT of Anonymous come-backs here...Possibly some one who works for the company??? Lmao!!! Glad I didn't fall for this BS.


I called to purchase this product after 3 times repeating my info guy I was talking to give me Canada free number lol when I called It was a suprice that was truck company and they have no idea what I'm talking about Called back and speak to supervisor iff you have such crazy costumer services I don't fell comfortable to order and now after reading all reviews I'm happy that I did not order


You tried to cancel by writing on the customer service page? Really??

The terms/conditions of ordering CLEARLY say you have to CALL and cancel within 30 days of receiving the trial shipment.

Yes, you will probably be asked to hold for a sec... Just put it on speakerphone and do something else while you wait!! Yes, the rep will ask you why and try to convince you to keep your subscription. It's their job.

They will even offer you alternatives to shipping frequency and lower payments each month, if you're actually interested in sticking with the product!! If not, just make up some bs reason so they can fill out their form and everyone leaves the situation happy.

But don't be lazy, putting in the smallest amount of effort possible and expect everything to be fine and dandy.

Did you even receive a response or confirmation that your cancellation request had been acknowledged?

I'm assuming you're a grown adult.. did you even think to follow up on it??

If I was potentially going to lose $1000 over failing to properly cancel a subscription, you can bet I'd be double and triple checking.


How much is Guthy Renker paying you for that bs answer?

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