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20 minutes after I made my purchased I called to cancel my order. I should have listen to my gut feelings "dont' do it" but it was to late I had made the order!!!

The customer service rep "canceled" my least that is what I thought!!!. I get the product in the mail so I call to ask WHY am I receiving product after I have canceled and was it charged on my card???? The rep told me to just write on box "return to sender" since I have not opened it. I did exactly what I was told. product but another charge on my card which now makes #2. I called AGAIN to rep and then she asked me for the return number the post office gave me to return the box. The postal did not give me a return number....they do not give number for boxes being return to sender. The rep said "wellllll we may have it or it may have be lost without your number we can not confirm the box got back us" .

She then said to wait another 2 weeks. Well another charge came through which makes #3 .... I have finally got them to stop charging my card but I still do not have my money. This has been since mid of May!!!!

I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and since I work with a law firm I will be asking my attorneys what I need to do. Whatever it takes I intend to get my refund which is over $150.00...will see what happens next!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set.

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Sorry, was trying to click off your comments and accidentally hit the BS button. Don't want you to think that your story is unbelievable, but I am unable to remove my accidental "vote". Your comment was useful, BTW.


No complaints and I have been a customer 18 months. I Love the moisturizers and am 55 and am asked all the time how do I look so young.

You can customize your shipment-I love. You can customize how often you get a package-I do every 4-6 months. This is great! And they bill me so I don't have a credit card on file.

What more can you ask for!!

Great company!! :grin


You don't say what number you called to cancel your order.I have been using this product for the good part of the past year and love it. ANYTHING I've ordered backed by Guthy-Renker has been ABOVE my expectations and Meaningful Beauty did not disappoint.

Anyway, when I need to postpone my regular shipments, I called 800-241-9155 and it was done. My payments and shipments stopped.I requested that they resume mid-September and I feel safe that they will.


The blame should be laid on Guthy-Renker, the company that processes all these products. They are obviously HORRIBLE at customer service. I would never buy any product that uses this company to handle it's orders and the celebrities complicit in this should be embarassed.

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