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I placed an initial order and was told my total charge would be $52.95, but the next day I received an order confirmation via email stating my total charge is $152.84. I called Meaningful Beauty and was told a "supervisor would call me back." No one called.

I called and said I wanted to cancel my order. Even though the product hadn't shipped yet, they said it was too late to stop the shipment, and I would have to return it. Very big hassle.

Terrible customer service. They quoted me a price and then triple-billed me and offered no explanation.

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This happened to me too!!! I cancelled my order in Jan, then in Feb and guess what!

I just got charged AGAIN ! !!!!

I called and they said I have to have if faxed in. I have now been charged 300$ when all I wanted to pay was $39.99...

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