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I sent back my cream and poured the unused product into plastic container and it melted the bottom out of the container. After it was sitting in my cupboard in a cool dry place. I picked up the container and it was sticky and stringy. I pulled it off the cupboard and it was stringy and sticky and the bottom was completely gone to mush. I just thought I should let you know what happened to your product. I was hoping this will help you in the future. I was also wondering why this happened.

Kim payne


Thank you

Review about: Meaningful Beauty Cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Allergies.

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Why were you putting it into another container anyway? This is a no-no as far as cosmetics are concerned..

Common sense!

Also, you failed to mention what the other container was made of.. It looks like a paper cup.

Which......well, after reading a bit on here....would suddenly make sense. LMAO.


Hello- Our team is here to assist. We have strict quality control guidelines in place to ensure our packaging meets specifications.

We make no recommendations for storage of our products outside of its original container and would not be able to advise as to the quality or potential contaminants of the container you used.

For further questions, you can contact the team here: with the details you provided to us in your post Thank you. –Meaningful Beauty Customer Care

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