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I was told I would received an email confirming my order was cancelled. No email to date!!

I am becoming suspicious of this company and won't let up until I get my money back! This is only stage 1 of a 3 part stage of cancelling the subscription and so far they have blown it! The representative told me I would get an email confirming my cancellation, then a label would be mailed to me so I could return the products. THEN, I would get my refund of approximately $100.

When I first ordered the billing process wasn't explained to me at all - what a surprise. I should have known something like this would happen but I trusted Gunthy Renker.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Meaningful Beauty Pros: Some products.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Customer service follow up.

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I just would like to say as being a former employee of a billing company - things happen.It is not something any of us want to experience. Also you have such anger.

I get it... but were the representatives nice and did they seem like they were trying to resolve your problem? Then, if you are going to rant you really need to state more facts for us. Like ok...

HOW many days have you had to wait... so far? These are the things we consumers want to read. I LOVE the product and it did wonders for my skin and confidence years ago.

My only problem is I cannot afford to pay $50.00 each month, and... I'm not fond of the 28 day payment cycle. I can appreciate your frustration but you should really wait until everything is resolved and then state to us the facts.

I hope everything works out. This really is a great product.


I need an address to return my last shipment

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