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I received a collection today and I am so upset I want to scream. I believe this was for something that happened over 7 years ago.

I have written many letters and still the collection letters still come. The original bill was because I received a kit in the mail and returned it because I was not happy with the product. Never opened the box. Once the 1st bill came I called and explained that I returned the product and requested to cancel.

The person said this would be taken care of. Still to this day receiving collection letters. I have written the collection companies several times for proof of the collection and I never got a response. I am ready to seek legal action against Gunthy Renker and their agents for fair credit act violations.

I cannot understand why I am still being charged for a product that I returned the product back to Guthy Renker for Meaningful Beauty. Also Colorado law statue of limitations for collections is 6 years.

This exceeds the statue and violates my rights as a consumer. How many collection companies can they send this to and at what lengths will they go to collect $154 for a product that I returned??????

Reason of review: Incorrect collection attemps.

Monetary Loss: $154.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Deceptive advertising and handling of account.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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I contacted the company as per your suggestion they could not find me anywhere in their system. I again wrote another letter to the collection agency requesting proof and to this date have not heard back.

The letters will continue to come no doubt. I am not sure what I will need to do to get this invalid collection out of the system.

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