Detroit, Michigan

This is what I wrote to them and am still waiting a response! I have been billed for this product at least 4 times and have only received 1 time.

I am calling my bank and changing my account # also am going to have my bank investigate you and I will be reporting you to the BBB, I want all of my money returned and back in my account within a week or I will be getting a lawyer!!! I cancelled this product but have been charged a couple times a month since. I have all transactions from my online banking of where meaningful beauty has taken money out of my account without my permission even after cancelling and has not sent me any product after stealing money from my account.

I am a single mother of three and your unauthorized with-drawls from my account are causing problems with my other bills and causing financial hardship I will get my money back plus much more for all the bounced checks on my other bills that your company has cause unless my money is returned within one week my # is ###-###-#### some one needs to call me at this # stating that they will cancel any further with-drawls and my money will be returned within the week and give me a transaction # I will be recording this phone call as I did the last one when I cancelled the first time. This is a horrible company and has been stealing over $80 a month from my account.

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I guess I'll just accept the way I look and be happy. That's really what these companies pray on is our hopes to turn back the clock, look a little younger.

Thanks for the comments, sorry for your bad experience. Just be happy with yourself, as you are...


This is absolutely horrible. I canncelled both vitamins (which I didn't know I ordered in the first place) PLUS the make up and they still sent a packaage. I refused it..They chared me, plus ste that it will take 2 weeks to remove from my charge card...When time was up, I called they say it will take 4-6 and that I will be billed for additional charges until they receive package that was not ordered and sent after I cancelled order..Such a rip off and SCAM :cry :( :( :(


I am very surprised at all the negative feed back of this product..I absolutely love it and it made a great difference in my skin! My sister even asked me what I was using because my skin looks great and I looked younger! I have never had billing problems and I really hope I don't in the future....


All I have to say is THANK GOD the credit card I gave them was up for renewal and they only got two payments off it!! I cancelled my account PRIOR to the second shipment.

I still have the paper work that come with the trial shipment! At no point did they say the next shipmment was a 90 day supply and that I would still be charged if I didn't return it...very deceptive! I have now received a notice from a collection agency for $29.95.

I called them and they insist I owe it. I told them they weren't getting another dime from me and hung up!


I ordered these products from the infomercial and can honestly say that I did not notice any difference. As a matter of fact, I did have minor skin reaction (break out).

If you cannot afford clinical product such as Obage or other recommended at plastic surgeons or upper end surgery/spa centers, then my pick would be Olay Pro x...... If you get in online or at Sams club you can save some money there.

If two of you purchase as Sams(each product comes in twos) then you can really both save a bunch.

Good luck and I'm definitely cancelling tomorrow. It just doesn't work and I could tell after the 2nd week it was hoodoo....


I love these products and have been using them for about a year.I had to place 2 trial orders before they would let me customize my orders.Then they allow you to use their club membership in which case you get most all items at 18.00.This is for about 3 months supply.I do not care as much for speaking with customer service but I like the products so much that so far I am willing to deal with them.I would not ever say that I would not switch if I ever have a problem being charged more than I should.


The mellon is nothing more than the french name for canteloupe. Check the Q&A on the Meaningful Beauty website that gives the name of the mellon and google it.

I like the products fine, but in my opinion, they are pertty ordinary. I didn't get any amazing results or see any differece at all, so I don't think they are worth the money. I cancelled my order and had no problem there. The number on your bill always gets you to a rep, and I've called several times.

The issue is that I still haven't gotten my credit for the return that they received in hand on April 4th and it's now May 12th. It takes far too long to get your money back, and at this date, they can't even verify for me that they recieved my return (although I have proof of delivery and highly recommend that if you return product to them given the delay on refunds). I'm now totally disappointed with the whole experience and ready to sell the suplus of this stuff that is under my desk on ebay to make back a part of my money.

I wouldn't recommend it. Olay Definity works great for a fraction of the cost and you can pick it up locally whenever you need it.


Do not get involved with ordering this product from this company. Yes, they have a return policy but I still have not been able to get in touch with a representative to cancel my order nor have they responded to my many emails.

I've had to cancel my charge card and get a new card in order to prevent any further charges. It is unfortunate this is the route I had to take and will NEVER order another product backed by or associated with Guthy R.


I was about to order,but, after reading all these awful reviews I'll pass.


I forgot to mention the name of the melon it is called CHARENTAIS HEIRLOOM MELON


Meaningful Beauty broke out my sensitive skin, so I sent it back and they had to sign for it so I know they got it! However many moons later I am still recieving an outrageous bill!

To make matters worse I read in STYLE magazine (where Cindy who in her infomercial claims she still has her youthful skin without enhancements)is commenting on how she may have had botox and can't remember if she's ever had any other work done. Okay so in my perspective if you've never had anything like that done you'd say that and know it right? She without so many words to just self incriminated herself. Some of you can continued to be fooled but this chick is done!

And I am not paying that ridiculous bill, I'll spend that on my kids!

For those of you who are interested you can buy those "rare" french melon plants at the gardeners' choice website, (I got a few myself) and trust me folks they are scrumptious and they make a devine smoothie(it's more beneficial to put the melon in your body than to put it on just to wipe it off however for those that perfer the wax on wax off method, then it makes a wonderful soothing fragrant facial mask as well! :) Enjoy!


I have had no problem with the billing of this company. You do have to read the bill you get with your first trial.

It states that you will be automatically billed and sent a 90 day supply, unless you cancel. I like the product but didn't want the 90 day supply and they canceled it for me no problem. They even paid for me to ship the 90 day supply back to them. Really, I think more consumers need to take responsibility for understanding the agreement before reading off their credit card number.

Guthy-Renker is a huge corporation. Yes, they know how to make money but I highly doubt they are illegally scamming anyone.


Let me give you some advice. While I do not doubt that you had a horrible experience, your letter is terrible.

You sound uneducated.

Threatening a multimillion dollar comapany is the last thing you should do. Being tactful and calmly telling your experience would have worked better.




I just went through this with them too. They do not tell you all the info, it's quite a scam.

You think you're getting a great deal but you're not. DO NOT do this and if u do cancel immidiatly!

I'm going to change my account with my bank to make sure this does not happen with them again. Even though I cancelled who knows if that's really true...


I just ordered this product and these reviews are very depressing, why?

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