My wife was watching one of those "infomercials" (first rule: There is no info in commercial.) for Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty products. She fell for it at first, ordering the products $39.95, then checking the reviews (second rule: Check the reviews before you buy the product.) She then decided to cancel the order, and this is where the "fun" begins.

The representative stated they could not find the order and kept asking for more information, yet recited back to us information about our credit card that we had not given her, proving she could indeed see the order. After several phone calls spanning 3 days she finally asked for a supervisor who finally canceled the order. About a week later the credit card company called with a fraud alert. Sure enough, someone from Meaningful Beauty has expensive tastes as they fraudulently charged $580 from Ssense.

How do we know it was them?

Because they did not posses the CSC as MB had never asked to supply this information. (third rule: Never deal with shady retailers.)

Reason of review: Credit card fraud.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Meaningful Beauty Cons: Being scammed after cancellation.

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