The product itself is great, but the business end of dealing with Meaningful Beauty is horrible. they kept billing my credit card months after i was assured they cancelled my account.

I'm sure the customer service reps deal with these calls often, because they seem aggravated as well.

They charged my card without my permission and are unable to apply a refund for weeks, therefore, some of my monthly bills do not go through and i get an NSF charge. If you don't plan to make Meaningful Beauty a life long commitment, order of Ebay or something like that, to ensure a one time shipment and only one charge to your credit card.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

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It does matter which company you buy this through. Buy it thru Guthy Renker, they are pretty good. The product is decent for the price.


I bought Meaninful Beauty thru Guthy Renker and have never had any customer service issues. Maybe its the company thru which you ordered that is so bad.


I have a great tip for when I order from online or call in orders.For example if I see a product I want to purchase and the cost with shipping and handling is$30.00,I'll go to Wal-Mart-Mart and purchase a $30.00 visa or master card.That way the company I'm ordering from can only charge that card once.......I hope this is helpful.


ALL of these companies are the same! They will scam you, over charge and no refunds.

There should be an investigation into these so called beauty products that are purchased online through commercials. Don't purchase any of them or you'll see your credit card balance increase every month! I've been there! Rule of thumb: read the reviews before you order any product off the internet.

After reading the reviews, you'll be glad you did.


Cancel you card....that shouldn't be too hard.....this way they can't bill you.

Then call the credit card company and order another card. Simple !


I had a similar experience. They kept sending me products and billing me even after I cancelled.

Once I return the products, then they keep a large sum satting "shipping and processing fee" and never refund the actual money.

This kept happening a few times until I had to cancel my credit card out.

Beware of buying from this company. They are a loot and will take your money one way or another!!

And the rpuduct gave me horrible dry skin with skin peeling off everywhere, so its definitely not for everyone

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