I had an initial order to try for 3 months. They billed me a second time after sending product.

I cancelled my credit card so that they could not charge me again but they sent a third time and billed me. I cancelled with them and told them not to send me anymore product. They sent me more product and billed me again. This time I sent product back and called them a third time to cancel AGAIN!

They are still billing me for the product I returned. Up to this point I have refused to pay for it as I requested to close my account months ago and have returned product. They are now threatening to turn me over to collections. The product I found not to be as promised.

I have had better results with much less expensive products. (Oil of Olay Regenerest & NO. 7 Protect & Perfect). This company is way too much trouble and I believe not a very honest one.

Cindy Crawford is making big bucks off of hard working people who are looking for an honest product and reliable company. Way too much work to hasssle with...

Product or Service Mentioned: Meaningful Beauty Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: 83 N Willow St # B, Montclair, NJ 07042, USA

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Overall really disappointed how sneaky the “automatic” enrollment was applied to what I thought was a one time order. Never on my receipt or information was it clear or a conscious decision to enroll in auto shipments of products.

Buyer beware!!! I was excited to try this product and now I will warn everyone I know of the bait and switch techniques this company uses to trick people into ongoing payments and automatically charging accounts without any notification. Bad business model!!!!

Terrible scam operation. Shame on you Cindy Crawford


I have had the same experience with this type of marketing ploy.

the instructions say read the conditions but they are in extensive, tiny print and who bothers? These company's have lawyers draw up contracts so that you are forbidden to report them, are responsible for costs, and they have a hey day with your credit card.

Fortunately my Credit card assisted me and I think I am ok.

Beware beware beware of shipping and handling only. Do not ***.

Also it is a travesty that famous people are associated with these

*** artist companies.

Thanks, "once bitten"

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